Congrats to all FISM 2009 winners!

This evening marked the end of the final day of the on-going FISM (International Federation of Magic Societies) 2009 competition, which is kinda like the magic olympics 🙂 Held in Beijing this year, it’s really been around since the 1940s and happens once every 3 years. The next FISM happens in Blackpool, England.

Anyone can take part, it’s open to magicians/illusionists worldwide but it’s an international magic competition that marks the absolute best performers out of the lot. As you’d figured, judging is extremely stringent since FISM’s aim is to create a centralized “voice” for the magic world, and to help develop, elevate, and promote the art of magic. so only the cream of the crop win.

It’s also been known to be so strict that there are time when no first place are given in some categories because the competitors weren’t good enough for that coveted spot. There’d be 2 number twos awarded then… which is not uncommon.

For the official list of FISM 2009 winners in the various competing categories, see here 🙂 There’s a good mix of magicians and illusionists from all over the world… America, Canada, Australia, UK, Korea, China, you name it!

Hopefully one day Singapore will have a winning representative who can make  our country proud! I sincerely think this little red dot has a good chance in the near future *grin*

Official FISM 2009 website –


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One response to “Congrats to all FISM 2009 winners!

  1. singaporemagician

    JC.Sum and Hot Babe Ning, you should join the FISM illusions contest the next time. Win the first prize and make Singapore proud!

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