So what if Yasmin Ahmad really used to be a man?

A few days ago I blogged about the sudden passing of the very brilliant Yasmin Ahmad, the late Malaysian director who gave us awesome MCYS ads like Family & Funeral. I’d never seen anything so tender and well done.

BFF had her on her popoular radio talkshow a little while back and as a tribute this week, 938LIVE replayed her interview today, in memory of her. The day before however, a Malaysian tabloid ran a “scoop” that Yasmin Ahmad actually used to be a Zulkiflee Ahmad. A man.

You can read the original Kosmo newspaper report here. It’s not in English however, but written in Malay.

On the other side of the Causeway, here in sunny Singapore, The Straits Times & Asia One have also subsequently shared the news that Yasmin Ahmad ‘was a man’.

A quick search online came up with old pictures of Malaysian ex-soccer player/ singer Zulkiflee Ahmad, who does bear a bit of a resemblance to Yasmin Ahmad.

But my point really, is… SO WHAT?

She died as a woman and that is that. Yasmin left behind a beautiful legacy and touched the hearts of many with all that she’s done. She lived, she loved, she was a good person.

SO WHAT if she really was a man?

I just didn’t appreciate that KOSMO just to sell newspapers, splashed this sensational controversy just days after Yasmin passed away, when people are still in mourning. It’s not very nice really… sheesh 😦 How heartless and cruel are they?

Anyways. My heartfelt condolences go out to the family she left behind… it must be such a difficult time for her husband and daughter. May Yasmin Ahmad rest in peace.



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2 responses to “So what if Yasmin Ahmad really used to be a man?

  1. Whodunnit

    does it really matter? for me, no. she is still the person who made all those fantastic heart warming videos on tv.

  2. Michellllee

    I still like her videos. 🙂

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