Motivation to whip myself back in shape!

Things have been picking up and I find myself at a really exciting point of my life right now… sweet opportunities knockin at the door, chances of attempting creative projects, it’s crazy! 🙂 I’m not even talking about the Merlin Awards, I’m referring to the stuff outside of magic.

I’m truly, deeply thrilled yet humbled to be approached by various directors and executive producers for my involvement in a couple of stage, television and film projects *grin* My work schedule is crazy enough as it is but they’re willing to work around it.

So yes… I feel inspired to start training hard again to get back my toned finesse, which I had, when I was working out during our intensive project periods.

You’d recall my mega escape The Impalement Cage last year, and more recently, this year’s Inversion extreme escape & our successful world record attempt The Impossible Record 😉 Flat tummy, toned limbs, the works baby!!!

So. I’ve been using the bicycle machine at my condo gym after work on alternate nights to stay fit because I’ve got a magazine photoshoot coming up shortly. I’d be covergirl for a well read magazine… which title exactly? Well, feel free to make a guess for now *wink* The issue comes out this October, my birthday month!

Anyways, I personally feel that exercise music is important in helping you along when you’re trying to focus on working out. It just gives you the mood, provides you with that certain edge to keep pumping, running, cycling, sweating… so I always have my trusty iPod with me.

I currently dig the stuff by Armin van Buuren. I’m sure savvy clubbers would be familiar with the well-traveled DJ. Here’s what I’ve been listening to, from his A State Of Trance Official Podcast… episode 90, you enjoy!


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5 responses to “Motivation to whip myself back in shape!

  1. MysteryM

    Will you have a 6pack abs when ur done? 😛

  2. ZY90

    LOL. i dont like trance music. prefer to listen to anime music when i go running and jogging. inspirational for me.

  3. blake

    I’m suddenly imagining Magic Babe Ning with super muscular figure. Strong biceps, able to lift cars with one hand. That would be intense man! haa..

  4. NanoMan

    Nice taste in music. I want to start working out more often too! I shall start next week. 😀

  5. Kenneth

    I don’t suppose you listen to ‘Eye of the Tiger’ while you work out right? ^^

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