R.I.P, Yasmin Ahmad

The world has lost another talent 😦 Award-winning director, Yasmin Ahmad, passed away today after a sudden stroke while at work. Reports had shared that she was doing okay in the ICU after being rushed to the hospital but just like MJ, she was suddenly gone too soon.


I really love her work. And I’d shared her brilliantly done videos on my blog months ago, when MCYS got the very talented Yasmin to do some TVCs on promoting family values.

BFF, who interviewed her not too long ago, shared that the 2 scripts Yasmin picked out were actually from a pile of “rejects”. One was about a single parent family, the other, of a multi-racial couple. Both Family & Funeral were very well done – they were touching and communicated the intended messages very clearly to viewers.

Besides these two poigant works that most Singaporeans would have seen played on Mediacorp, Yasmin’s also made some really wickedly good ones for Petronas as well, screened in Malaysia. Here’s a couple which I really dig…

Awesome stuff, ain’t it? 🙂 Check out the names of the two rival shops in the last TVC… LOL. I love such hilarious subtleties! *grin*

Well. It’s a pity that she passed away at the peak of her career… I was expecting much more from Yasmin and her team of creative professionals. The woman’s such an awesome story teller and she was actually embarking on a local film project. Condolences to her family and loved ones…

Radio station 938LIVE will be giving a tribute to this late Malaysian director, a woman of many skills. Join them on-air this mid-week Wednesday on The Livingroom segment at 10.40pm & the repeat telecast at 10.40pm. Excerpts from her recent interview with DJs Stan & Pam will be played. Spread the word!


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2 responses to “R.I.P, Yasmin Ahmad

  1. Pam

    thanks, bff! *hug* i really love yasmin’s work – so real, so honest. there will never be another yasmin ahmad. what a loss!

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