My ass fell asleep during Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

I’m a huge JK Rowling fan, having read everything that she’s written. I first fell in love with her Harry Potter series when I was in secondary school – like most people when the very first book came out in 1997.

Being a complete bookworm, I’d unapologetically queue to get the books on the very first day they come out (because even when you pre-order your copy, one needs to wait for them to deliver the darn thing!) and read everything up in one setting. Even the last few tomes which you know, can kill a giant if you hurl the book at its head… much to my folk’s amusement as I couldn’t put it down even if I had to. It followed me to the dining table, my bed, even the bathroom 😛

Having been someone who’s studied screenwriting, the challenge is always about adapting a known piece of work into celluloid. I’m no master scribe like Syd Field, so this just my personal thoughts on the latest Harry Potter movie.

It was quite a let down 😦

Personally, I think it’s just done for the sake of being done… because fans will watch it anyway. But it was awfully draggy and many important things from the book weren’t featured in this full length feature. This is spoiler sensitive so don’t read on if you’re adverse to information but JK Rowling’s Book 6 was really all about Snape, played by the very yummy Alan Rickman. And that didn’t even come through with the shallow script.

Okay. I admit. I have a thing for older men. Especially the strong, silent type who exude a still, quiet type of charm but you know there’s rippling masculine energy beneath. Oh, the intensity. Heh.

So! With Alan Rickman’s character, there’s just something about his beautiful hands, the way his hard gaze pierces you, and of course his deep sexxxy voice. Growing up, I had the biggest crush on rocker Marilyn Manson, so as you can imagine, mom and dad would be proud that this madness has graduated to something more palatable in the form of Rickman/ Snape 😛

You can put me in detention anytime, Professor 😉

Okay, back to the book. Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince. I loved the nicely written bits which reveal more about Snape’s hardass character and why he seems to loathe Harry so much. It was a moment of tender understanding and readers were shown a glimpse into the man’s past. You cannot help but grow to love his misunderstood tragic character… How young Snape was always bullied by Harry’s dad and friends in school, how he was poor and hardly loved by his single parent mother, how he was so very much in love with his bestfriend Lily but she was in a way stolen from him forever when she married Harry’s dad.

It must suck to see the beautiful eyes of the one you love, who’s since passed away, on the face of the very man you hate.

So yes, while everyone loves the usual trio… I really dig Snape because I loved and understood his character – flawed and beautiful 🙂

The film however, never communicated any of this but simply served as pointing towards Snape as Mr Judias to Dumbledore. Too much to tell in too little time, I reckon. I suppose it’s always a race against time for everything – even the main cast. They’re almost 21 now… looking so very grown up.

I’m glad the filmmakers casted Helena Bonham Carter as Bellatrix Lestrange. She’s an awful lot of wicked fun and that provided some spice of the otherwise mostly lull stretches of the movie, but inevitably, she had way too little screentime. As an actress I think she’s definitely got her niche, and is always a riot in the Tim Burton roles she plays. They’re such an awesome married couple really, but I think, a tad too left-winged for Hollywood to talk about.

So yeah, in conclusion, my ass really fell asleep during the movie but Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is watchable to fans BUT if you’re craving for a really good film, don’t disappoint yourself. Read the book (again) instead or get the DVD (don’t you just love remote controls) when it comes out for the extra features. I personally like checking out the making-of features, as well as, the other little treats in the menu *grin*

Having said all that, I still am looking forward to the last installment of the Harry Potter movie series but I hope it’d reeeeeeeeeeeeeally do justice to the final book, which millions cried over when they thumbed over the final page.


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