Photoshoot for “Project 164”

This afternoon was stupendously crazy… amidst the important external meetings and crazy chaos at work, J C & I had to squeeze in time for our photoshoot at Greyberry.

My professional photographer buddy Mok is a very talented guy at lighting design but today’s studio shoot needed something clean and simple, no intense, dramatic shades like what you’d previously witnessed for my Impalement Cage visuals.

So what exactly is “Project 164” you’d ask 😉

Well… I could tell you now, but I’d have to kill you *wink* However, I can  say this and only this – J C & I will be doing a kickass MEGA ILLUSION come next month and hey… August is just a few days away!

So stay tuned to our official website & join us on Facebook to get first hand information when we officially break the news.

Meanwhile, here’s a couple of random photos from our photoshoot this afternoon… we’ve yet to do the DI touch-ups so what you see of J C & yours truly, is all the raw stuff. The actual product should be ready next week, so meanwhile, here’s a teaser!

Yeah, I have 2 X-Chromosomes and I’m not afraid to use ’em 😉

If you’d like to comment on them, feel free to add me on Facebook *grin* I’ll probably upload more photos in a bit. But first, party time… it’s finally Friday night, baby!!! Meowwwwrrrrrrrr… this girl’s putting on her dancing shoes and hitting the clubs. Cheers to the weekend!



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5 responses to “Photoshoot for “Project 164”

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  2. Kenneth

    An X files illusion? Would there be paranormal activity Ms Scully Ning? 😉

  3. MikaMika

    First one was with attitude! 😀 ❤ I like the picture.

  4. Basil

    Kick ass pictures. All I need is to piece the 164 and that X and the shades together and figure out what the next project is about. haa..

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