Hate is not a Family Value

Before the inseparable bestfriend left for her short holiday in Bali for a friend’s wedding, we caught the award winning animation film Persepolis together and LOVED it!

This 2007 animated film is based on Marjane Satrapi’s autobiographical graphic novel of the same name, as a young Iran woman grappling with growing up in her changing war-torn country. Persepolis won the Jury Prize in the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, despite unhappiness from the Iran government.

I’ve seen Marjane Satrapi‘s books on sale in stores years ago but never bought them, though I’m very much so into graphic novels. So the saavy BFF completely surprised me by bringing over the DVD!

The title Persepolis is a reference to the historical town of Iran, and the film is truly awesome. I’d encourage anyone to check out both Marji’s film, as well as, her graphic novels. But don’t just take my word for it 😉

According to Wikipedia:

Awards won by Persepolis 2 include the Angoulême International Comics Festival Prize for Scenario in Angoulême, France, for its script and in Vitoria, Spain, for its commitment against totalitarianism. It has been translated into English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Greek, Swedish and other languages, and has sold 150,000 copies.

The original graphic novels, which were made  way before the film

The poster of the delightful thought-provoking animation feature

As we were chilling out in my livingroom, watching the delightful animation feature, BFF laughed at some parts because she claims I’ve got some similarities with Marji, the main protagonist. For instance:

1) Our respected admiration for & immitation of kung-fu legend Bruce Lee in our innocent tom boyish youth

2) Head-banging and pretending a badminton racket to be an air guitar when playing heavy metal during our angsty tween years

3) The way we’d gleefully hop onto a traveling shopping cart after running down an aisle to pick up speed and momentum at the supermarket just for some thrill

4) How as little children we’d daydream about having one-on-one conversations with God, and being angry at some of his “unfair” decisions, like forever taking a loved one away from us

5) How the two of us spell dead because I always like to spell it out loud as “D-E-D… DEAD” just for the heck of it

6) The fact that Marji & I were both percocious children, and then some… *wry grin*

Watching this wonderful film about the realities of life, love, hate, war, death, growing up, heartbreaks and loss, insightfulness and friendship with the BFF actually got me thinking back on how very lucky we’ve been… but we cannot take the peace & security of our country forgranted.

Some of you may remember that the BFF & I went to the AWARE EGM many months ago, pledging time despite our busy schedules and putting in our vote, being a part of history, because it was a passionate fight for something that we believed in.

You know the outcome – logic and fairness prevailed.

I recently read from Olivia Yu’s blog about what the infamous Dr. Thio has been up to, and just had to roll my eyes. Whatever the woman’s trying to do, I think people are a lot more wary now and I feel very sorry for this “feminist mentor” who wholly believes that God punished Singapore with SARS because our country allows abortion.

While Thio claims that she is all about “focus on the family”, I wish she’d  just focus on her own family.

Anyone who thinks that abortion promotes promiscuity or prostituition should seriously grow up. Consider girls who are rape victims for instance. Statistics reveal that a good number of rape cases are also incest cases, with the recent high-profile Fritzl case in Austria.

I shudder at the thought of some religious fanatic elbowing their way into ourschool’s sex education programme and preaching about pure abstinence instead of teaching kids about making informed choices in this day and age.

And anyone who discriminates against gays or are racists… shame on you really. The worse kind of people are the two-faced types, because these political snakes are so poisonous. Sigh.

Someone wise once told me a long time ago that “Diversity strengthens our community. Love opens us to new people, new ideas, and new experiences.” And it couldn’t be more true, but people are always afraid of change… despite the fact that the only thing constant is change!

Watching Persepolis made me remember that poigant “shut up and sit down” moment in my life. If we allow hate and fear to creep into our lives, there is absolutely no way at all that we’d be able to seek happiness, and there’s not a chance that our children after us would understand or embrace world peace.

What kind of future is that?

“If you judge people, you have no time to love them.” – Mother Teresa



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3 responses to “Hate is not a Family Value

  1. BeMyAngels

    Everyone is always afraid of changes cause they are used to what’s normal. But change is always for the better even if you are not able to see it now.

  2. MikaMika

    “If you judge people, you have no time to love them.” is a wonderful phrase that everyone should practice. ❤

  3. Ryu2009

    I always hate discrimination. It doesn’t make sense and its just bad. :S People should just start loving each other.

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