Still pining over the loss of a music legend…

I know it’s been several weeks since Michael Jackson suddenly left this realm for a better place, but oh man… I so miss the guy 😦 It’s a feeling even worse when they finally wrapped up the last season of FRIENDS, the television sitcom that I grew up with.

It’s been an otherwise free week at work, the calm before the storm, so I picked up a couple of MJ’s best-off CDs & DVDs in town… after a long catch-up session over lunch with an old friend who recently quit her high ranking director job in a big, successful, international PR firm… to finally follow her heart and chase her dreams. I’m so very excited for Michelle 🙂

Ultimate Magic, Singapore’s only magic attraction & our on-going illusion show at Clarke Quay, is coming to its one year mark next month. I can’t help but muse about how fast time flies.

I realise that there’s still so much more that I want to do in my one lifetime, and this kinda scares me.

Everyone has it fair… one lifetime. Sure, some people have more time than others, but you can never change or predict what is truly written.

But I’m deeply thankful for all that I’ve got and more importantly, the people around me who matter. Career acknowledgment  and accolades are great, because it shows that people recognise all your hard work and effort… but its the special intangibles in life that hold a higher meaning for me.

Dad & I finally found time to catch up earlier in the week, not an easy task with our crazy work schedules – my packed show bookings & his overseas business trips, and I’m so glad we made time for each other.

When I was a little girl, I always feared Dad’s quick temper but he’s mellowed and I’ve also grown to understand that its really the whole yesteryear Asian parent mentality of “spare the rod, spoil the child” which is completely different from how they do it in the West.

Despite my imperfections… I know for a fact, more so after our last catch-up, that Dad simply loves and accepts me for me, just the way I am. And all those years I’d feared I’d be a huge disappointment. Heh. Thanks Dad, you’re so very awesome.

Personally, I think it’s essential that you show the ones who matter how you truly feel about them. It’s just so easy to take people for granted sometimes, it’s about effort and trying, at the end of the day. Give what you can 🙂

Michael Jackson’s relationship with his father had always been rocky, and it’s tragic how it seems that he turned to such intensive plastic surgery to avoid looking like “the man he hated”. A part of me feels that MJ’s just too talented for this world, and people like him will always be misunderstood because it’s not easy for others to truly understand and love them.

His MTVs were awesome – besides the fantastic music and dancing, which is a given, his music videos communicated  a story… very much like good magic. He made seemingly frivilious short music videos into an art form. You’d remember his brilliant THRILLER video which saw MJ in his spiffy red jacket dancing with a whole bunch of creepy zombies.

I totally loved it when I was a kid. I think I was in kindergarten when my folks had the VHS tape (a technology now extinct) and I’d play it on the TV whenever I could, because it was simply the coolest thing ever. Attempting to dance like the sleek moonwalker who could jump on his tippy toes, I damn nearly broke my ankles.

MJ will always have a place in my heart, and I know he’d forever be an icon, like Elvis & Lennon. His gift to the world has been massive & just checking out his ‘live’ in concert DVDs, I honestly do not know any other entertainer who’s got his star power and pizazz.

While I enjoy all of his songs, this particular one is really my favorite. “Give In To Me” still gets me after all these years, and maybe it’d hit you too.

There’s just something seductively raw, dark, and needy about it. Featuring Slash of Guns & Roses fame on the guitar, the song (featured in his Dangerous CD) showcases MJ’s awesome versatility.

You enjoy… 🙂


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One response to “Still pining over the loss of a music legend…

  1. Joyce L

    I was watching MTVs again + his concerts.. yes. It such a pain to watch, be mesmerized again and then realise that he is gone. Part of me thinks if he hadn’t left he wouldn’t be remembered for what he had done and created. The world don’t love him. And yes, I agree, he’s too good for the hatred on this earth. Anyway, i heard this and my heart just broke, such beautiful voice –

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