More photos from the SG Photographers Club…

I’d shared some photos the day before from an interesting one-off event we did last weekend, and thank you very much for all your kind comments *grin*

As you know it, the Ultimate Magic cum Singapore Photographers Club workshop is now over, but many wonderful photographers have shared some of their work with me online. I’m very impressed with their chops, honestly!

Here’s some new ones taken during our full hour non-stop illusion show, which I truly fancy 🙂 Mucho thanks for tagging me on Facebook, you guys!

From Marc

From Yee Fei

From Gerald….

From Jeri

From Daryl

From Evelyn

Upon reflection after looking through everyone’s photos, I think what I love and appreciate is that everyone’s got a distinctly different technique/ approach/ style, even though what we (J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning) presented was one single linear version of Ultimate Magic!

If you’ve got any photos you’d like to share, feel free to post it up on Facebook and tag us 🙂 Also, I just got on Twitter, so you can add me too, if you like.

Meanwhile, don’t forget that our on-going contest wraps up next week… so click here now to participate! Make sure you read all the details before sending in your ‘wish list’ *wink* Good luck!



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4 responses to “More photos from the SG Photographers Club…

  1. hayden

    realli nice photos. i’m trying hard not to succumb to the dark side of twitter, but you being on twitter, i’m finding it reallllll hard!

  2. BeMyAngel

    jc looks so intense in the last photo!

    alreadi signed up for the contest…. sure hope i win!

  3. ger56

    I saw the photos on facebook! hundreds of them! Love the pics which seem to have caught the micro expression when you look so cheeky! =p

  4. Joyce L

    Hawt PicS!

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