Ultimate Magic: Singapore Photographers July Outing

Gosh, yesterday’s showtime for Ultimate Magic certainly was a surreal event for me 🙂

I’m accustomed to the hearty applause from my audience when I’m on stage but with a fantastic turnout from members of the Singapore Photographers club, I heard a constant fast-and-furious FLURRY of camera clicks when we were performing! *grin* Totally UNREAL!

Willy Foo, my dear friend who made it all happen, shared that typically for such (paid events) the turnouts aren’t very good as the only other one they had was for Jurong Bird Park and about 20 photographers showed up. But yesterday, we had more than 70 passionate members come by with all their equipment and things! Sweeeeeeeet!

We bent the no photography rule just for Willy’s bunch yesterday, as my award winning photographer friend gave a cunning workshop on club photography after our illusion show. The man’s a talented genuis, I say!

The event, which was publicised via Facebook, was a big success. I had fun, made new friends, met some familiar faces, and it was all in all, extremely eventful.

Here’s a couple of wonderful pictures some of the very talented photographers shared with me online. You may need to log into Facebook (get an account, it’s FREE) to view them or they may not load on your web browser…

From Weili

From Tong Leng…

From Darren

From Aaron

From Hanlin

From Daryl

From Bijil

From Daniel

From Willy

…It was a great club turnout & we took photos with some of them afterwards too!

Thanks so much for tagging me on Facebook, you guys! Awesome pictures really… And hey, if you’ve got TWITTER, you can follow me @magicbabening 🙂 Ta for now, more later!



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4 responses to “Ultimate Magic: Singapore Photographers July Outing

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  2. sedred

    lovely! for some reason, i like the black and white ones more than the rest… I saw them on fb too! mostly on you, very few jc. LOL. not that i’m complaining. =p

  3. ben67

    very nice pics… but how come no picture of my favourite levitation! looks like a humongous crowd for the event. if i was a shutterbug i’d have join too.

  4. hayden

    the one of you in the leather jacket and ‘saluting’ to the audience is my favourite photo! NICE 🙂

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