The Chio Bu & The Radio DJ

LOL… Thanks for linking me guys! The Singapore Daily is a local lifestyle web portal which features news from all over. Every week they feature a head-turner AKA "chio bu" which means pretty girl in Hokkien, and now they’ve decided to feature yours truly. They don’t usually showcase local home girls, so this is pretty cool 😛

I don’t know how much time they spent looking through for my pictures, but these guys really don’t leave any stop unturned 😛 It’s kinda scary how much they’ve drudged up… from my motorcross photos, Uni graduation pics, pix with friends, and all… besides my usual Magic Babe promo pics.

Click here to check out my dedicated exclusive feature on their The Daily Chio Bu. segment *amused grin* Thanks once again for the flattering compliment, you guys… you’ve certainly made this home grrrl very happy!

Oh yeah… that above, is the audio recording of my recent phone interview with 91.3FM’s DJ Rod Monteiro 🙂 Click here to listen to the radio clip on YouTube, if you can’t play the embedded clip above. Rod called me on my mobile the other day for a chat on air, because he’d heard about our ongoing WIN A DATE WITH MAGIC BABE contest of FaceBook. The man’s a riot *grin*

We’ve got lots of other goodies to give away as well, like a hundred dollar voucher, professional magic material, a limited Singapore River Festival edition banner which STB fabricated featuring J C & yours truly, etc. Sorry to disappoint but this isn’t a WIN A DATE WITH J C SUM yet, but stay tuned… we may just run that next *wink*

For J C’s personal take on the contest and tips on how to up your chances, read his blog Backstage Business!

PS: I’ve gotta run… we’ve got the Singapore Photographers Club coming down to catch Ultimate Magic later & my brilliant photographer buddy Willy Foo will be giving a workshop to the shutterbugs right after our gig. It’s gonna be FUN… I’ll upload photos tomorrow. Ta!



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3 responses to “The Chio Bu & The Radio DJ

  1. groban5

    caught the segment on radio…

    chio bu feature is really like: WHOA. there’s a huge load of photo there! finally see you in that feature. shud have been there loooong time ago.

  2. jonnie

    finally they decide to feature a local and it’s magic babe. 🙂 how apt. ‘sexiest woman in magic’ ain’t for nothing! 😉

    btw, i put myself on the contest for the date. hope to be able to have a nice date with you. will be cool to finally meet you in person and talk!

  3. BeMyAngel

    do post the pics from the photog club outing. can’t wait to see more photos of you and jc in action. me thinks that’d be pretty cool.

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