Magic, Sunsets and Fireworks…

Gosh… the number of supporters on our J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning facebook page have really shot up! We now have about 500 people this morning *grin*

Thanks so much for the fantastic support. Do join us and tell your friends about it (if you’re unaware, it’s completely free and you can unsubscribe anytime you want)… PLUS, if you join us now, there’s a whole bunch of nifty prizes which you stand to win.

In case you missed my on-air radio interview yesterday evening with popular DJ Rod Monteiro of 91.3FM,  you can find out more from my earlier blog entry, but click here now to join us on Facebook! There’s something for everybody! Like for instance, a one-on-one date with Singapore’s only professional female magician & escape artist *grin* Yeah, sweet Rod was ribbin’ me about it…

I know, I know… Magic Babe gets all the fun & SUMone is whining about it.

Anyways, there’s other prizes as well… for instance, a spanking hundred dollar gift certificate; professional magic/ illusion building material from Bossman + our newest DVD which isn’t for sale; a rare autographed official banner from the Singapore Tourism Board which has us on it (only 9 pieces ever made, in a very nice size) from the recent Singapore River Festival!

Spiffy huh?

Anyways. There’s something very funky happening this weekend, which I wanna share about

If you’re a passionate shutterbug or enthusiast, listen up! My award-winning photographer buddy, Willy Foo, will be doing a workshop tomorrow which you really wouldn’t wanna miss!

See full event details on our Facebook event page here but this is what’s happening in a gist…

Saturday, July 11, 2009
4:30pm – 8:30pm
Clarke Quay, Arena

4.15pm – Registration ($15 for entrance to Arena & Magic Show)
4.30pm – Ultimate Magic Show by ‘Magic Babe’ Ning & J C Sum
5.30pm – Club Photography Workshop by Willy Foo (Flash Advised)
6.30pm – Meet 2nd Group outside Arena and walk towards Boat Quay
7.00pm – Sunset Photography Opp Boat Quay
7.45pm – Head Towards One Fullerton
8.30pm – Fireworks Photography from One Fullerton

Note that the S$15 special price is only for those who RSVP by 12pm on 11 Jul 2009. Those who don’t, would have to pay the normal price of $38 at the door. The S$15 gets you into the club for Ultimate Magic + the Club Photography Workshop. Kids below 6 come  in free

If you’d like more info, you can contact Willy directly online or call him at +65 96324562




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4 responses to “Magic, Sunsets and Fireworks…

  1. MikaMika

    I think I want to win a date with you or get the $100 voucher! Yay!

  2. Ming

    my gf will kill me if i go on a date with anyone else. 😦 no choice. cannot choose the date with you. maybe i will pick the magic lecture and dvd. who knows i might become the next big thing in magic with that book after learning all the secrets 😀

  3. BeMyAngels

    I want to get a date with my magic idol! 😀 Wheeeee…. Pick me as the winner plllleeassseee…

  4. Pam

    jc shld have his fun too. why not? i’m sure there’d be ppl who wouldn’t mind going on a date w him & talk magic! ;P

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