The Molly Lee Appeal

The day before saw me happily relishing a rare off-day in the evening, as the club was finishing up their renovation works and fittings.

I met BFF at The White Rabbit after I was done at the office (and you’d think magicians didn’t have any dreary paperwork to clear) as we’d made plans to head down to town for The Molly Lee Appeal – a KK Hospital fundraiser held in memory of the late lady who won the inaugural Woman of the Year award, last year. She was also a Vanilla cover girl.

My favorite restaurant was closed for the evening to facilitate the event, which saw a host of who’s who, media, celebrities, doctors and more. Zoe Tay, Nanz Chong, Diana Ser came down as well.

We met other Vanilla girls there too… Theresa Tan, who was the editor of wonderful magazine, was one of the organisers. Hai Yen, all glowing and in the pink of health, came down too. A funky athlete, she was the first Vanilla cover girl and I was the last, and coincidentally, we’re both from Methodist Girls School 🙂

I was introduced to Josef, Molly’s soft-spoken husband, and he looked SO young… blessed with a baby face, really, that man. Edwin Ho, local homeboy but New York based photographer, had his works for sale – It’s really fantastic because all proceeds will go to the Molly Lee Appeal for the KK Hospital and Health Endowment Fund, benefitting women with gynaecological cancers and women with other conditions such as pregnant women with HIV. The subjects were all volunteers who had lost someone to cancer, and Edwin’s truly talented…

Here’s my favorite picture which stood out for me, amidst the rest of the tastefully shot nudes, which had the same theme of black & white, light and shadow, skin and powder…

You can see the rest of this very talented photographer’s works at Body Beautiful.

Over S$40,000.00 was raised that night, which was AMAZING. Now whoever said that Singaporeans are an uncaring, stingy lot? I think what’s happened simply speaks for itself, especially in this current reccession.

If you’d like to help, please click here for full details.

Remember to write "Molly Lee Appeal", followed by your full name, contact number, NRIC number (for tax deduction purposes) and mailing address at the back of your cheque before sending it out. The KK Hospital Health Endowment Fund is an IPC, so donors are entitled to double-tax deduction. In other words… PLEASE GIVE MORE!!! 😉

Spread the word! *grin*



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2 responses to “The Molly Lee Appeal

  1. Amazzo

    I was reading this entry and was thinking that the name “Molly” sounded familiar. It hit me when I went to her site. She is the person who was having the cause to fight against cancer. It’s good to hear that her husband is still with the cause. An amazing guy he is.

  2. Pam

    @ amazzo: yah, is an online support group molly set up to help women w cancer. incidentally, she won the Singapore Woman Award last year and graced Vanilla’s cover in april ’08 – 6 mths before ning! :o)

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