Because we are all ROCKSTARS

Jasmine’s 25th rockstar themed birthday party at Durty Nelly’s, was a sweet affair, though not everyone dressed up for the night. I expected folks to come gamely dressed like hardcore members of popular bands like KISS, AC/DC, Led Zepplin or Def Leppard, but no one even did a Steve Tyler or Jon Bon Jovi *pout*

I came in my favorite leather jacket and a LBD, wearing tons of eyeliner and black eye shadow… but was a tad lazy to specially put on black nail polish just for the night. Hurhurhurhur. I mean, like seriously, spare me… I just came from doing a show!

Anyways, the happy giggly birthday girl had a crazy wig on, and the usual group of us came to celebrate her "flipping a quarter" in Jasmine’s own words *grin*

Kris brought his darling HK girlfriend, whom we all have been dying to meet, since they got together quite recently. Spanky (who turned 27 a couple of days ago) just came back from her glowing vacation overseas and had plenty of hilarious stories to tell. Luke & Nats, our lovey dovey married couple, filled us in on a recent JB outing they did the other weekend too. I’m very excited for my dear N1… you know that you’ll always have my support sweetie!!!

Here’s some photos of the funfunfun night at the Irish pub in town…

Jas the birthday girl with that awefully frightful crazy wig… more footballer than rockstar, methinks 😛

Kris and Catherine… hell yes, they look sooooooo damn goooooooood together!!! 😉

Jas w/o scary wig, opening her birthday present which I personally wrapped with miles of tape…

Tadah!!! M&Ms Poker – complete with poker cards, poker chips, poker mat and all…

She’s smiling sweetly for the camera but Jas was cussing about all the hard work I had to put her thru… hurhurhurhur… told you, I used miles of tape!

Something new and fun for us to busy ourselves with (besides PINK monopoly) next time the bunch come over to the apartment *grin* It came with a generous bag of candy too! Sorry to disappoint but you can’t find this special limited edition box in local candy stores here.

Spanky & yours truly looking like we’re sistas in a rock band full of hardcore angtsy chicks… alas, it’s all hidden tattoos and no tongue piecing!

Nats looking super sweet next to me… that’s a bottle of Tiger beer in my hand by the way, not fruity iced lemon tea!

The whole bunch of us with Jas and her birthday cake… the completely sloshed superstar of the night didn’t remember anything after midnight and hilariously shared with us after, that she royally puked in front of her parents. LOL! I so love her, Jas is a natural comedienne, seriously.

We all had fun that night… once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY babes!!! *kisses and hugs*



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4 responses to “Because we are all ROCKSTARS

  1. BeMyAngels

    You should have brought a Guitar! And maybe some drumsticks to complete the whole look. Ha..

  2. FruitLop

    M&M poker cards? Can you eat them? Sounds fun.. hehe

  3. MikaMika

    Pink monopoly and M&M pokers. You have the most interesting collection of games 😀 And they aren’t available in Singapore. They must be exclusive!

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