The Impossible Record: Official Video!

Check it out… the official video for our record breaking feat during the recent Singapore River Festival is now out!

The Impossible Record was the Singapore Tourism Board’s closing highlight of the 9-day long festival, which saw official bodies like the Singapore Book of Records & the International Brotherhood of Magicians officiating our event. Much media, both local and overseas (UK, China, etc.), came down to cover the one-off spectacular as well.

Click here to watch the video on YouTube if your web browser can’t play the embedded clip above 🙂 You can choose to see it on HD quality too!

If watching the fast-paced real-time video already tires you out, imagine what the team must have felt 😛 Kudos goes out to the entire co. because this feat isn’t just accomplished by J C & yours truly alone – we’ve got a fantastic team of truly professional show crews!

FYI, here’s the official list of illusions that was performed by us & endorsed by the International Brotherhood of Magicians and Singapore Book of Records who officially adjudicated this "fast and furious" record attempt: 

1) Smoke Chamber: J C magically appears from an empty clear cabinet that fills with smoke 

2) Crystal Appearance: Ning magically appears from a small crystal clear box 

3) Crystal Metamorphosis: J C & Ning perform an instant teleportation 

4) Full Throttle: J C & Ning make a full-sized motorcycle appear from nowhere 

5) Girl from Box: A girl appears from an empty box 

6) Girl Vanishes from Trunk: Girl gets into an ATA case, it is spun around and it is shown empty 

7) Two girls appear from Trunk: Trunk is closed and opened up and two girls magically reappear 

8 ) Body Through Steel: Ning passes her body through a solid plate of steel 

9) Walking Through Person: J C walks through Ning’s body 

10) Spiker: Ning passes a bed of spikes through J C’s body 

11) Light & Space Part 1: Ning vanishes in a blink of an eye 

12) Light & Space Part 2: Ning appears instantly 

13) Escape from a Spear: Ning attempts to escape from a Spear and ends up disappearing into thin air 

14) Magic Babe Teleports: Ning magically reappears in another place 

15) 360 Sawing: J C divides Ning in half but also rotates the upper half of her body over and around her lower half  It was also agreed that in the context of this record attempt, an illusion is considered successfully executed as long as the magic effect is completed, even if the choreography of the illusion is not completed.

…According to Singapore Book of Records, this is the very FIRST magic record of any kind in the history of our country. So that’s pretty darn cool *grin* And as you know, this is in the process of being submitted to the Guinness World Records as well!

I know you may have seen a whole bunch of various YouTube vids on the feat by now, especially with edited footages from media like AXN, RAZOR TV, CTV (Taiwan), etc. But our official video has multiple angles and captures the essence of the event’s context. The professional video editor’s my close friend Harry, from film school, the very same genius behind my snazzy Impalement Cage video – you remember my famous 360-open spike escape at Clarke Quay last year, which was witnessed by over 4000 people and news cameras.

Please spread the word, rate our latest video and write your comments! I’d love to hear from you 🙂

If you’re interested in more behind the scenes stuff, do join our J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning facebook page to check out all photos, videos, and more! And hey… if you were at our recent events (The Impossible Record & my suspended straightjacket escape INVERSION) please feel free to upload your footages as well, you’re really more than welcome to do so.

Have a good week ahead! Ta for now, more later…



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2 responses to “The Impossible Record: Official Video!

  1. SpiderPower

    I like the multiple camera view. 🙂 Real cool. No camera tricks for sure.

  2. Basil

    Counted them all! All of the 15 were there. Fantastic work..

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