RAZOR TV’s 2 parter on our recent record breaking feat!

AXN’s eBuzz exploded on cable TV last night and has been replayed many times over since… we had a meaty 4 mins on air, which was super cool. Kudos to the network!!! This is the very first time a ‘live’ mega magic event has been broadcasted by AXN; they’re incredibly supportive of our work!

Thank you to those who’ve said very nice, supportive things to us *grin* You definitely help keep our passion burning! I’ve got all your Facebook messages, emails and SMSes but I’m a bit slow to reply because this girl’s only got two hands and 24 hours. I’ll eventually get there, but there’s just been some crazy weekend work to finish up! Plus we had our regular on-going Ultimate Magic @ The Arena gig at Clarke Quay too.

Meanwhile, to applease y’all, do check out the brand new RAZOR TV 2-part episodes just out about our very recent world record feat! Click on the embedded vids below to watch it now… don’t forget to crank up the speakers!

If the videos don’t load correctly because you’re using an outdated web browser, you can go to the main RAZOR TV site direct via these links:

Part 1: 15 Illusions in 5 minutes & Part 2: How Far Will They Go.

Feel free to rate/ comment accordingly… and tell your friends about it 🙂 I know you’ve seen different version of The Impossible Record on various YouTube channels from different folks who witnessed our ‘live’ performance, but the official video from Concept:Magic will be coming out anytime now… so yeah no more waiting with bated breaths *grin* I’m really excited about it too because the beautiful process is going so well. This video is definitely a labor of love!

Meanwhile, for a full list of media features which talked about our record making feat last weekend, check out J C’s latest blog entry at Backstage Business.

Enjoy what’s left of the the weekend!!!


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One response to “RAZOR TV’s 2 parter on our recent record breaking feat!

  1. ZY90

    read this in the backstage business blog. 😀 haa… whats the 3 announcement you still havent announce? still waiting for it la.

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