The Impossible Record still in the news!

J C & I successfully broke the world record last weekend by performing the most number of illusions under 5 minutes, and it’s AMAZING how people are still talking about The Impossible Record! Not just here and overseas, online too…

Inside Magic for one, posted the news right after we did it – check it out at their website here. The wonderful lads also twittered about it & if you aren’t aware, Inside Magic prides itself for "Magic News Updated Daily for the Professional Magician" 🙂 They’ve been really supportive despite the distance – they’re located on the otherside of the globe!

There were also a couple of European (sexxxy sexxxy!) magicians who shouted about our one-off spectacular, one of which blogged about us in his blog UN ILUSIONISTA MALAGUEÑO. Thanks, stranger! 😉

American web portal iTricks has also ran news about our record feat many times… besides those already mentioned prior on my blog, their gracious editor posted a congrats on 29 June, and another just yesterday with a video.

Of course, much kudos goes out to local magic reporting team Red Dot Magic… it’s a very lean & mean team, but these guys are THE BEST objective bunch of local online magicians I’ve seen. They’re intelligent, shrewd, elloquent & very objective – none of those snarky two-faced egoistic bullsh*t you witness ever so often in pompous online magic groups.

Closer to home, muggles (non-magic folk) wise… has been fab in their support. Check out the news online here, which also has an audio feature which reads out the entire news article for you. Mind you, it’s in Chinese though. However, for our English speaking folks, here’s something for ya…



This is the vodcast which is also linked on the page listed earlier, but you can watch their snazzy flash video which consists of some clips of our performance & media interview, by clicking on the box on top 🙂

We were also featured prominently in the on-going Singapore Blog Awards 2009 as a few bloggers came by for our show. They’re in the run for awards in the various categories, and we performed some close-up magic after the main event for them as well… click on the link above for vid+pix!

Well-known blogger Aussie Pete was one of them… check out his well-written blog for videos, photos, and more about The Impossible Record & the virtual magic surprise we did after. He’s written a really long blog about us, in comparision with other entries, so that’s really cool… LOL… he must have really enjoyed himself, especially since we so totally PWNED him *grin* I won’t spoil the fun, so read Aussie Pete’s awesome blog to find out more.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to catch J C & yours truly on AXN this Friday 8pm!

If you’re gonna be out tomorrow evening, set your Hubstation to record Channel 19! This is for Singapore of course, so if you’re from another country please check with your local cable operator 🙂

AXN Asia plays to over 76 million households worldwide, and this is the very first mega magic event E BUZZ has covered… pretty darn cool for Singaporeans, we’ve put the country on the world map with this new world record Yes, Singapore’s a very happening place and we’re so much more than just a little red dot!!!


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