J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning on AXN this Friday, 8pm!

Tune into AXN this Friday, 3 July ’09 @ 8PM – we are featured in the cable network’s popular entertainment lifestyle segment, E BUZZ! 🙂 Join us now on our J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning Facebook site for more updates on what we’re up to *grin*

Oh yeah.

Just in case you’re wondering if this is one of the 3 major announcements I mentioned about in my blog post yesterday… nuh-uh… this is NOT it *wink* Think again!

It’s really great that we’ll be on the cable network with the largest advertising revenue which has millions of viewers around the world, but what we’ve got up our sleeves is much juicer… Mums the word for now (you know how they say, patience is a virtue!) but we’ll be telling you soon, in a bit.

But meanwhile, do spread the word that we’ll be on AXN this Friday evening, 8PM! Cheers!!!

Meanwhile, do check out our brand new Magic Boutique promotion for July 09!

We received much positive feedback from happy customers from our past promotions, so we decided to continue to sweeten the Magic Boutique experience when you shop with us.

When you spend S$89 or more, you receive a free set of Ultimate Magic postcards (worth S$17.00) & a free Ultimate Magic show ticket (worth S$38.00) to catch us in action at our on-going illusion show happening at The Arena in Clarke Quay, where we perform 5 nights a week!

That’s a sweet S$55.00 giveaway from us generous folks at Magic Boutique… and remember, when you support us, you support us in the fight against magic piracy 😉

You only get originals from us – no crappy knock-offs or dodgy pirated copies – because Magic Boutique has integrity. We love the art, and we despise those who abuse it for petty profit as it really hurts magic. If you’re trying to justify magic piracy as "normal" because "everyone does it anyway", well, shame on you. I’m no magic police but my parents did raise me up to know what’s stealing.

Anyways, full details for this month’s promotion is available at our homepage, so check it out now!



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3 responses to “J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning on AXN this Friday, 8pm!

  1. MikaMika

    What’s the 3 announcements?!? Hahaha. 😀 Share share.

  2. BeMyAngels

    Friday is tomorrow! Can watch eBuzz with my Family after work on AXN. I’ll bug my family to watch it along with me. Hehe.

  3. FruitLop

    Okay. You must seriously give your readers more hints or tell what the 3 major announcements are going to be about. I don’t like being in suspense. :S

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