The Impossible Record: Media Interviews + Meet & Greet pix

It’s been a super crazy start of the week and I’d like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who’s been so kind to inform us about the videos and photos they’ve uploaded online, which they captured at our successful word record feat, The Impossible Record!

I’m really excited as we’ve got some really wonderful news to share…

MagicSeen, UK’s largest magic magazine which is sold worldwide, will be publishing a review of Ultimate Magic – as well as – our exclusive interview will be their feature story with our faces on their magazine’s glossy cover!!! Oh my gosh. This is a first for any Asian illusionist, so it’s a great honor to be able to put Singapore on the world map!

But that’s not all…

I’m actually trembling as I write this but a few very exciting things are going to happen. Watch out for more news to come shortly. There’s three MAJOR announcements slated to happen soon, so come back regularly to my regularly updated blog *evil grin* Yes, don’t you love the suspense!

Meanwhile, as promised, here’s some photos from last Saturday. These are some random ones from our meet & greet, which was over an hour long! Everyone was so very, very loving and patient… THANK YOU

That’s MagicSeen‘s deputy editor Graham Hey & his wonderful partner, Linda. The UK reporter specially flew down to Singapore for this event, which is really cool. We had meals with them and they’ve also checked out our on-going permanent illusion show. They’re a fab couple, but sadly they can’t stay longer and must fly back tonight.

Speaking about media, this is the crowd of onlookers standing by the stage as J C & I were doing our press interviews with foreign and local reporters, right after we were both officially presented awards from the Singapore Book of Records & the International Brotherhood of Magicians 🙂

So yep, that’s us with the two plaques which the media requested we show off. Hurhurhur. I think Bossman’s gonna frame them up in his room, near the display cabinet of precious Transformers toy collectibles that he never fails to tell us that they’re his pride and joy 😛

For actual event performance photos, check out J C’s blog Backstage Business.



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8 responses to “The Impossible Record: Media Interviews + Meet & Greet pix

  1. Hi there ‘Magic Babe’ Ning – Aussie Pete here… thanks heaps for the special card illusion you treated us (the 2009 blog finlaists) to with the OMY guys… I still cannot work out how you knew I would have the seven of hearts – and have it posted as a comment on my blog before-hand… 😀

    Any pics of our get together? – I got a few sent to me from the OMY guys and will post on my blog when I get a chance – just waiting until they publish the video interview they did with me and will then write an article on Aussie Pete blog!!

    Once again – great to meet you – congrats to you and J C!!

  2. junito

    Both you and jc look so cute in the second last picture! 😛

    Grats to the record! Your fans must be increasing by the day!

  3. ben67

    i was there for the meet n greet too. media interviews really took quite a while, but getting to meet u and jc in face was all WORTH it! thks 4 taking time to talk to every single one of us.

  4. chaoteng

    i see myself in the photo! haaaa. so cool tt even e uk pple come down to cover ur event! u guys make us s’poreans proud!

  5. Josh23

    Congratulations to the magnificent and spectacular event. I’m sure we will be seeing much more things from you and J C Sum. Looking forward to seeing more of both of you soon!

  6. sedred

    Pray tell us soon what is the BIG BIG announcement you have.. you’re killing ur readers with suspense!

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