“Local duo sets world record” – TODAY newspaper

We’re on today’s copy of TODAY 🙂 Click here now to read the half page news article online.

I can’t believe the reporter humorously included my joke about street magicians getting dangerous paper cuts when they work with cards. LOL!

Anyways, The Impossible Record was also talked about on radio earlier this morning as Class 95’s Morning Express DJs Vernetta Lopez, Glenn Ong & the Flying Dutchman discussed our world record feat, as well as, my work-inflicted injuries which saw me being rushed to Gleneagles A&E last week.

The hand’s been healing up well as all that remains are the multiple ugly scabs, save for the fresh wound on my left wrist which I didn’t even realise was there until the first reporter interviewed us that night. I’m currently walking around with a plaster on my wrist and with my usual black eyeliner on, I may just look like some emo kid or suicidal artist. Hurhurhurhurhur.

Check out J C’s blog Backstage Business for photos of the event and prior, as well as, the official list of 15 illusions in 5 minutes which the adjudicating bodies (the International Brotherhood of Magicians & Singapore Book of Records) used.

I’ll share photos from our hour plus meet & greet session, as well as, some pics from various media interviews tomorrow. We’ve gotta head over to Clarke Quay now. There’s no break, as we still have our on-going Ultimate Magic gig happening tonight 😉 Mr Graham Hey from MagicSeen UK has flown down all the way from England to check out our record breaking feat. He’ll be interviewing us later but tonight, he’ll first do a review as he’ll be catching Ultimate Magic @ The Arena with his very lovely partner.

Ta for now, more later…

PS: Many thanks to the wonderful person who specially brought down my favorite yummy beancurd tarts (a healthy alternative to egg tarts) from Le Cafe for all of us at 5PM earlier, despite the bad weather. Thank you sweetie!!!



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3 responses to ““Local duo sets world record” – TODAY newspaper

  1. BeMyAngels

    Paper Cuts! 😀 Ha.. But they CAN potentially be dangerous too I suppose but nothing as bad as the injury you got from practicing for this event. 🙂 Congratulations for successfully getting 15 illusions performed in 5 mins. All the practice must have helped. 😀

  2. MysteryM

    Beancurd tarts.. Yum. Must be one of your great fans coming down to give you some treats to freshen yourselves up. 🙂 I wish I had a fan like that. 😛

  3. MikaMika

    Soooo cool!! You must have felt really happy after hearing that you managed to complete and set the world record. 😀


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