The Impossible Record happens TODAY!

Today’s the day!!! 🙂

It’s slightly past midnight now (G’morning!) and I’m taking a break, doing a short blog about this as the rest of the hardy Concept:Magic team handles the set-up for the big show happening later this evening. Check out all details for The Impossible Record here.

We’ve been moving out illusions from our magic studio in the East, as well as, from The Arena (where we perform Ultimate Magic 5 nights a week) in Clarke Quay… so yeah, it’s been pretty darn crazy for sure, three huge trucks have been hired to transport the big stuff over!

To be honest, I’m really nervous and excited.

The team’s been putting our all into this, and I’m personally very touched that so many people & organisational bodies believe in us local talents. I want to do my country proud. I want to bring contemporary magic to the masses. I want girls to realise that anything and everything is possible, don’t allow anyone to rob you of your passion and imagination. I want fellow Singaporeans to realize that we are much more than just a little red dot!

Yeah I know, I’m such an idealist 😛

My left hand has been healing up nicely… you may remember the A&E scare exactly a week ago where I got horribly injured during our intensive rehearsal. This was my wounded hand an hour after the freak accident, after they’d cleaned up the cuts and iced down the bruises:

This is my left hand today, with mobility back and just the ugly cuts that’s left to heal. My fingers are of course still stiffly sore, inevitably, but I’m just relieved that there wasn’t any real serious or permanent damage! There’s a slight crater of lost flesh in my pinkie however… which is kinda gross.


It’s all about the audience at the end of the day – that’s my motto – the show must go on. And you can be absolutely sure that I’ll be putting in all I have for The Impossible Record in our attempt at performing the most number of illusions in 5 minutes. This as you may already know, will be officiated by legit bodies as we’re submitting it as a world record 🙂

This is the closing highlight for STB’s 10 day long Singapore River Festival... so don’t miss this because today’s the final day. Come on down seriously, here’s just so much fun and excitment happening here, it’s really the place to be! Admission is FREE and it makes a great weekend outing *grin*

Alrighty then… see you in a few hours… I’ve got to head back to the big stage at Central promenade to help the guys out. You can’t miss our entire set-up, we’re just outside the mall (just above Clarke Quay mrt) and by the Singapore River.

J C & I will be doing another meet-and-greet after the performance, when we’re done with media interviews. It’s really awesome that we’ve got support from local media like Channel News Asia, Today, RAZOR TV,, etc & overseas ones like CTV Taiwan, MagicSeen, and more.

Yep – the deputy editor of the UK magazine has flown down with his partner to catch our record-breaking attempt & he’ll also pop by to watch and review the latest season of Ultimate Magic next week, our on-going permanent magic show in town which has been running since early last year.

I’m so looking forward to it 🙂 See you in a bit!!!



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2 responses to “The Impossible Record happens TODAY!

  1. lalala

    im so excited about it too! 😀
    glad to hear that your hand is healing so fast.
    wish you great success for tonight! cheers! 😀

  2. Michellllee

    That is some dedication to performing. Performing while still being injured. Real glad that the event went over well and you and JC managed to get to complete 15 illusions within the time. 🙂

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