The ugly side of Show Business…

I watched "Gia" on DVD at home last evening, as the bff & I didn’t make it to Steve McCurry’s exhibition at ACM on time. If you’ve watched the film which stars the very feisty Angelina Jolie, you’d know how very intense it is. I cried at some parts in this award-winning movie based on the tragic life of Gia Carangi, America’s first Supermodel.

The tagline for the film which saw Gia’s celebrity fashion model life unravel because of stress, drugs and lonliness, read: Everyone saw the beauty, no one saw the pain.

Which brings me to talk about the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson. He passed away this morning, God bless his soul 😦 It is really tragic, since he was just about to embark on his come-back tour next month and with his death… I wonder what will become of his young children.

MJ’s very talented but the price of fame is high. He’s obviously got his issues, everyone does, but the man must have had much trouble grappling with all his inner demons… fear, anxiety, insecurities, desire, despair, loneliness… yet no one ever knew, because no one’s supposed to find out about this weakness. Because celebrities are supposed to be superstars. And superstars are perfect.

Aren’t they?


I can’t believe the man is gone. Really, I can’t. MJ’s a brilliant visionary – and the world has lost a talented artiste. The world couldn’t understand him, but that’s the price to pay for being a genius. No one could fully understand Leonardo DaVinci either – but I completely adore this gifted Renaissance Man. To summarize… Fame is fleeting. Popularity is like a drug. Everyone has a shelf-life and there’s only a thin fine line between "has-beens" & "legends". Show business can be ugly because it sucks the life out of you and tosses you out like trash when you’re empty and spent.

It’s always so easy to criticize and judge, but it takes so much effort to love and understand.

And in reflection, I think individuals like MJ & Gia just needed to be loved. They needed a pillar of support who could understand and love them and accept them entirely for who they were – unconditionally – them for them, and not for what the world wanted them to be or critically perceived them as. Not getting this seemingly simple but essential need in their lives, they break down.

Psychologically. Emotionally. Physically.

And it’s a long, ugly, downward spiral… falling from that great height.

Rest in peace, Michael… You’ll always be a legend.


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  1. Pam

    that’s a beautiful tribute to MJ & you’re so, so perceptive to draw that parallel w Gia’s life. and you’re right, BFF. we all need to be loved & accepted for who we are. unconditionally. that alone makes all the difference…

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