The official INVERSION escape video

Check it out, the official video of my extreme escape stunt is now out…

INVERSION happened just last Sunday, and THANK YOU once again to all our wonderful friends, encouraging loved ones and loyal supporters. I hope you enjoy this official video that Concept:Magic has put together for this one-off gig. If you were there at the event, you may even spot yourself in it 😉

Please feel free to rate and link our latest video via YouTube *grin*

We’ve had many people contacting us by email & Facebook, sharing hundreds of photos from the event and there’s been much buzz from excited netizens about this controversial stunt which saw me hanging dangerously upside down from plastic hooks on my feet, above a deadly bed of spikes (Impalement Cage… deja vu!) without any safety line whatsoever… all blindfolded & straightjacketed up.

Some say imitation’s the greatest form of flattery BUT professionally speaking, I think it’s only wise that one’s aware of what they’re capable of. Magic Babe doesn’t have a death wish – and neither should you, so don’t be a lame copycat and try to second this at home! 😛

Inside Magic from USA has reported about INVERSION, so has iTricks yet again. And there’s another fan video, an awesome montage edit which sums everything up, on Facebook here. There may be others that I’m not aware of, as I’m just relying on others informing me, so if you’re aware of anything else – feel free to holler!

Oh yes… please don’t forget, Inversion is but a mere teaser to the main event happening this Saturday, 27 June @ Central promenade by the Singapore River. The Impossible Record, which sees J C & I attempt Singapore’s first magic record in history, is the closing highlight of the on-going Singapore River Festival, organised by the Singapore Tourism Board.

We’ll be attempting to perform the most number of illusions in 5 minutes – and this will be officiated by the Singapore Book of Records & the International Brotherhood of Magicians. As some of you already know, this is in the process of being submitted to the Guiness Book of Records 🙂

Yes, we’re trying to put Singapore on the world map, baby!!!

Please join us on Facebook here if you haven’t already… the event is FREE and you really shouldn’t miss it – Singapore River is simply THE place to be come Saturday evening as there’d be so many exciting things happening. SRF ’09 has so many fantastic festivities happening, and you don’t have to pay for anything… ain’t that awesome *grin* Kudos to  STB for that!

Alright now… back to rehearsals 🙂 And a reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally BIG THANK YOU to the folks who couriered down chicken essence, birds nest, cookies, candies, chocolates, vitamins and royal jelly to the magic studio. They’re really awesome gifts of encouragement, but I most enjoyed reading the cards and notes.



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