Reflections after watching the sunrise

Inversion, the escape teaser to the main event, The Impossible Record, went well last evening at Central. If you search the internet you’d see plenty of photos and videos posted by folks who came down to catch the ‘live’ stunt, which saw yours truly risking life and limb for this fringe activity of the currently on-going 10-day long Singapore River Festival.

I got a surprise call from the concerned Gleneagles Accident & Emergency doctor just before I headed off to the venue yesterday, checking on my injured left hand. Flexibility’s come back somewhat but as I blog right now, this early Monday morning, I must say that the human body is a remarkable thing which just heals itself. Recovery has been smooth and I can almost clench my fist fully, without pain.

Inevitably still, I had much discomfort during the act yesterday though, especially when I had to dislodge myself after the escape by using my hands and upper body strength to lift myself off the metal bar and swing down to the stage. The new skin which was growing back, became raw as they got stressed just as they started to fuse in the healing process.

Good thing I’m no hand model. Hurhurhur.

Still, I had plenty of fun during the whole process, and after we settled the media interviews, J C & I did our photo/ autograph session on stage right after. I met so many wonderful supporters, some very thoughtful ones who even gave us cards, drinks, gifts, etc. Honestly, I was surprised so many people waited patiently for us to be over with all the press reporting & everyone was very polite and kind.

Despite feeling really exhausted because of the exertion required for Inversion, plus the fact that my work schedule’s been so crazy with all the late hours we’ve packed, I focused on being ‘there’ for each and every person who came up to meet us.

Which brings to mind the inspiring Maya Angelou quote below…

"I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." – Maya Angelou

It’s all about people at the end of the day. When I present something, the focus has to be on the show/ the performer/ the works accordingly. But there’s a time for everything. And when showtime is over and it’s time to give thanks, the focus is on others… not myself.

This universal truth was told to me by someone really wise.

Though it’s been really hectic at work, I have to remind myself sometimes that the big picture isn’t just about work. It’s about having a well-balanced life. Knowing self-contentment. Being happy. Acknowledging the ones who really matter. Understanding that the world doesn’t just revolve around you or your silly insecurities 🙂

So yes, I’m glad that Inversion went well and has achieved its purpose as a teaser to the bigger event happening this Saturday evening, and that I live to see another sunrise… but work aside, my thoughts and feelings go out to friends and loved ones.

Randomly at this moment…

A single friend who’s having a baby alone, but will never be really alone because she has loved ones who will always be there for her.

A dear friend who’s finally found true happiness with the love of his life after many sad, painful, destructive relationships with the wrong kind of girls.

A brave mother who’s finally through with her serial cheating husband who’s foolishly taken her forgranted all these years.

A talented young person who’s beginning to pick up the broken pieces of her painful past and move forward to her bright future, with much courage and pride.

A respected friend who is slowly dying on the outside, but is passionately living within.

An entrepreneur acquaintance who saw his restauranteur dreams and entire investments go up in smoke, despite being a very creative innovator and talented chef.

A struggling artist friend who’s currently grappling with the emotional despair of lost love and wasted time.

A childhood friend who thinks he’s yet to achieve anything in his lifetime, but really has so much going for him.

A depressed loved one whose yearns to be truly happy & free.

Carpe Diem 🙂

Life’s really short and everyone assumes we’re blessed with old age. I’m not trying to be morbid here, but the fact is that you only live once. Unless you’re a cat with 9 lives. And if you’re a cat reading this, you’re a scarily intelligent feline. Which means you’re probably evil. So, shoo.

But if you’re human, you should act like one. Not like a computer machine. Or a plastic Ken doll or Barbie.

I honestly don’t know which is worse… unfeeling dick-tators who want sublime control over everything and everyone OR fake-o two faced people who think they can get away with everything as they assume that they’re great at pulling wool over people’s eyes.

I feel sorry for them, but their lives are their own.

Righty… it’s going to be a long day ahead, so this insomanic girly needs some shuteye before heading to the office in the next couple of hours. The schedule for the week ahead looks really scary as the entire team gears up for the 27th. For more on that, see J C’s blog @



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4 responses to “Reflections after watching the sunrise

  1. Michellllee

    well, if you are a hand model, you won’t have that injury on your hand in the first place. 😉 i’m glad you survived that stunt in one piece.

  2. Pam

    uncanny indeed that we both chose the exact same quote to start the day! u on ur blog, me on FB. what are the odds of that? 😛 but hey, we’ve been ESP twins since day one.

    maya angelou is a wise wise woman and she’s so right. the people who matter most to me, whom i rmbr years after, and whom i respect deeply are not those who said clever things or achieved impossible feats, but those who gave generously without expecting anything in return, who genuinely cared for me, and loved me unconditionally. luv u, BFF!

  3. MagicBoy

    “people will never forget how you made them feel” I should remember that as well. It sounds very wise to do so.

  4. Ade

    I read Maya Angelou’s “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” years ago. And cried a lot at some parts. I think i still have the book. The quote is so true.

    There are many people that i care for, but sometimes work and craziness gets the better of me and i forget. Perhaps it’s time for me to do a reflection.

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