My extreme escape stunt INVERSION happens TODAY at 6pm, Central

Check it out… ST LIFE selected my escapology stunt Inversion to be the top pick of the day… Click here to read all about it. Here’s the screen capture below:

We ended our set-up and rehearsals around 1AM today, with me trying it out on the scissors lift first with a safety harness and rope, and subsequently without afterwards. I’ll post pictures once I have aa chance.

For now, the hand is hurting and the wounded skin split in the areas where I taxed it during our testings and rehearsals. Not a pretty sight, especially since I’ve got a crater in my left pinkie 😦 The escape is going to be tougher now as I have to compensate with my right side, but well… a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

Right now, I’ll be leaving for Central in a bit. There’s still much to prep for. Tell your friends about this free event. Bring Dad and the family down to catch this ‘live’ event 🙂

It’s open to the public and you’d see some familiar faces from the media invited as well. I’m really excited as Reuters & China TV (Taiwan) will be covering the event, besides various local media for radio, print and TV!

Inversion happens @ 6pm. Central Gallery. See you in a bit 😉


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