Midnight rush to Gleneagles A&E

I got into an accident last evening during our intensive late night rehearsals and we were forced to end abruptly. The fingers of my left hand got badly smashed up, as you can see – ugly, ugly, ugly – as my digits got horribly crushed and cut during a risky illusion act. There was actually a moment I was so sure my four fingers were completely severed off by the impact and all I had left was my left thumb and four awful stumps.

It took me some moments to get out of shock as the team iced me down, and everything seemed like one big blur. I remember hearing a whirl of worried voices, lots of footsteps and running, but I felt cold all over, and I was shaking, with my injured hand hurting like hell.

The BFF was hanging out with her felllow DJs in town nearby and she left the club after I replied her text message with a gory MMS of my bruised and bloodied bits when I had finally calmed down. She promptly drove down to pick me up to take me to a hospital to check for damages as the rest of the concerned team arranged to take all the props and illusions back to our studio.

There was a pulsating pain and my fingers had swollen up significantly, a big bummer… considering my Inversion escape stunt happens tomorrow & The Impossible Record next week. SIGH.

The very efficient doctor at Gleneagles A&E, Dr Jeffrey Mah, attended to me and the guy must have been rather bewildered and amused when I sorta told him what I’m doing/ what I’ve been up to. It also greatly helped that BFF gave me a cute stress ball to vent on during the medical inspection and she was hilariously taking photos and  videos during the whole clean up process. My two X-Rays revealed no broken bones, so that’s a very good sign.

Tonight still sees us still performing at The Arena in Clarke Quay for Ultimate Magic, our regular 5-nites-a-week gig, before heading over to Central to do the complete set-up for Inversion.

Its currently noon and I still can’t flex or clench my left fist as I write this, so this quite worries me. Hopefully it gets better the next 24 hours.

The show must go on.



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5 responses to “Midnight rush to Gleneagles A&E

  1. Ade

    BIG BIG BIG HUGS. I wished it was me instead. It freaked me out. Really did. 😦 I’m so glad that there are no broken bones. Rest rest rest rest rest. I’ll see you later. AND TAKE YOUR MED ON TIME!

  2. Ade

    please please please please please take care of yourself..

  3. Pam

    the BFF was not being the journalist documenting! 😛 it was v traumatic & i guess i just wanted to take your mind off the pain by the distraction.. or wadya call it? misdirection? *grin* it’s not going on FB or anywhere lah. but maybe a month down the road, BFF, we can look at those pics & vids again & muse abt it? luv u.. pls take extra special care today.

  4. Hi Ning. Glad to hear you are Okay ! Do take care.

  5. BeMyAngels

    OUCHIE!! How did you manage Inversion with that? You must have a very HIGH threshold for pain.

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