My extreme escape INVERSION in the media

I can’t believe it’s Friday, just 2 days away from my big escapology stunt INVERSION which sees me completely blindfolded, suspended by my ankles 3 stories upside-down and strapped up in a regulation straight jacket without any safety net or attached safety line whatsoever.

Yes, I’ve got no safety devices hooked up on me during my scary escape, and it’s just the thin air between me and the floor, should I fall.

This controversial decision of not using a safety line and by keeping it REAL has drawn some flack from people… for instance, someone who calls himself Dowser, recently commented on popular magic forum iTricks that what I was doing was “disgusting” and “immoral” and that this “hurts the entire craft”.

Tsk tsk tsk. Well. What can I say.

Okay, I’m really sorry…

…That the fella thinks that way 🙂

I’d like to give this netizen the benefit of doubt that he isn’t a sexist pig who gets all riled up because a young Asian woman is doing this sorta adrenaline pumping action… I do know plenty of men who still think that a woman’s role in magic should stay in its “rightful place” of just the mere assistant/ dancer. And even more sadly misinformed men who firmly believe that women should stay in the home – the bedroom and the kitchen – as any form of education is a waste because so what if  they’re doctors or career women, they eventually become mothers and everything they studied and worked for would “go to waste”.

Disgusting. Immoral. Hurts the entire craft.

Hmmm. I’ve always mentioned that such complex acts should only be done by trained professionals and kids shouldn’t try this at home. But in context really, I think my Razor Blade Tongue Twister should get more flack in comparision since it involves fire eatting and me putting sharp razor blades in my mouth… stuff that you can more so commonly find in the house, than say, an industrial crane to suspend yourself by the ankles while strapped up ina  regulation straightjacket.

*wry grin* I really don’t know how I’m hurting the craft really, when I’m simply trying to raising the bar with what I do. It’s visionaries like the legendary magician and escape artist, Harry Houdini, who dared to venture far and break glass ceilings with what he did during his time.

Which brings to mind one of my favorite quotes:

“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” – T S Eliot

Anyways, INVERSION has garnered much media interest and positive feedback from the public. I’d like to thank the Singapore Tourism Board & Central yet again, for believing in us, as this is all part of the Singapore River Festival 🙂

Check out iS magazine out today for my exclusive interview. I’ll post the picture soon once I get a copy. The one above was from their previous issue sharing about the Singapore River Festival.

Sin Chew Daily, a well-read Chinese newspaper from Malaysia picked up the syndicated news which was featured in Lianhe Wanbao last evening. They’ve an online version of the news, which you can read here. This is what you missed out if you didn’t read Lianhe Wanbao last night:

The New Paper also did a full-page interview in their newspaper today, with a picture of me in my signature straightjacket and suspended with Bossman looking on. Pick up a copy today, we’re in both the morning and afternoon additions:

Popular local Chinese news form has picked up on this news. You can read the interview with pix here. It’s really cool that they’ve got an audio recording which you can activate if you want the news article read out in Mandarin. It’s a really nifty feature which greatly helps people who want to learn the language 🙂

Also today, Bloomberg has featured us in their website in their report about the Singapore Tourism Board’s 10 day long festival which begins today. Our photo was selected because our record breaking attempt, The Impossible Record, will be the closing highlight of the Singapore River Festival.

Local magic websites, Red Dot Magic & the International Brotherhood of Magicians Ring 115 have also been very supportive 🙂 I really like RDM, they’re a great bunch who passionately cover many magic events and performers. It’s no easy task and I appreciate their drive and objectivity.

The local chapter of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, whom I belong to, have been fantastic too. It’s great that they support us Singaporean talents!

Tonight is going to be a long, grueling one which will see the entire Concept:Magic team working our booties off in preparation for the main event next Saturday evening. Training for Inversion has not ceased as well, since the great escape at Central happens just 2 days away!

Click on the posters below for full details, thanks for helping spread da word 😉 It’s gonna be one exciting weekend!


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