What does a twitchy thumb mean?

Today’s been a very crazy day which saw masochistic me throwing myself into severe, grueling training for Inversion before scrambling off to The Arena in Clarke Quay for Ultimate Magic, where yours truly and my on-stage partner J C Sum perform 5 nights a week.

I actually had a bit of a scare last evening which I didn’t write about.

You see, my right thumb started twitching around 8pm last night and this involuntary movement hasn’t stopped yet. It’s an involuntary jerking of the thumb, even at rest. I was pretty annoyed because even when I was about  to fall asleep, I could still feel it twitching uncontrollably.

This afternoon during lunch, it was almost laughable when the spoonful of food I was holding in my right hand started to rhythmically move up and down as well because of my twitchy thumb. Heh.

I don’t think it’s anything serious right now, but if it still misbehaves tomorrow I’ll probably find a doctor to check it out. Bossman is worried about nerve damage because of my intense Inversion training, which sees me suspended by my ankles for moments on end while I struggle to get out of all my confines, while blood inevitably rushes down to my head because of gravity and you can visibly see my temples throbbing as I sweat it out.

Honestly, I think it’s just fatigue maybe. I’ve never had a twitchy thumb before, but for now, I’m just attributing it to stress. If it’s really nerve damage, that would really suck because it’d affect my performance in our world record attempt next weekend, The Impossible Record. Hurhurhur…

Anyway, it’s just a twitchy thumb. An irritant, nothing more.

Which kinda brings to mind a memorable scene from one of my favorite Shakespeare plays, Macbeth, which saw me playing the role of the complex and long-suffering Lady Macbeth, when I was in secondary school…

"By the twitching of my thumbs, something wiiiiiiiiiiiiicked this way comes!"

*grin* See you guys this weekend!



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2 responses to “What does a twitchy thumb mean?

  1. MysteryM

    Thumb twitching? If it’s nose twitching, maybe its your magic powers that’s trying to come out, (bewitched). Not sure of thumb twitching.

  2. BeMyAngels

    Involuntary twitching does not sound good. Not good at all. You should get it checked.

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