A near black-out experience during Inversion training

This mid-week Wednesday has been pretty darn crazy as I only slept at 4AM, having finished intensive rehearsals for The Impossible Record at about 2AM with the entire team. This afternoon saw J C and yours truly making time for media interviews, one with Lianhe Wanbao & the other with The New Paper. Check out the newspapers this Friday 😉

Jean Danker, my darling radio DJ friend, has been really sweet as well. If you were listening to her Cartunes shift on Class 95 this evening about 7:40pm, you’d caught Jean sharing about my one-off escapology feat happening this Sunday, 6pm @ Central. Click on the poster above for more info about it *grin* She’d also be coming down with our buddy, Glenn Ong, to catch this ‘live’.

938LIVE has also been plugging Inversion on-air this whole week, with various DJs on diifferent shifts, talking about the great escape in their Event Spotlight segments. It’s really cool how much support we’re getting from the local media – whoever says they aren’t in favor of local talents? *grin*

Having said all that, I had a really scary experience this afternoon during my grueling training with J C. I nearly blacked out because of an over-strain and possibly fatigue because I’d been working at  it for an extended period of time… coupled by the inevitable lack of rest because of our team rehearsals for the main event which ended way past midnight.

I almost had a panic attack and stupid thoughts like "Oh my God, I’m going to die" crept into my head. Lame, Ning, really lame…

But you see… My eyeballs felt an immense pressure and my ears started feeling all weird and funny. I was training outdoors too and the weather was really really hot and humid today, so I was really uncomfortable as you can imagine… all sweaty but yet snuggly strapped up and inverted upside down by my ankles. blood rushing to your head and yep, it’s not very cozy indeed.

That’s when I felt very faint and giddy. It scared me because the only difficulties I had prior were really a badly sprained shoulder and pulled arm muscles from over-straining, but not this.

J C noticed that I couldn’t take it anymore and was starting to have difficulty breathing. Bossman swiftly brought me down, with a bit of difficulty, because I had gotten all weak and couldn’t right myself back up without his help and when I finally touched the floor, I crumbled into a heap.

The feeling of the blood rushing through the various parts of me was pretty intense. It actually took me awhile before I could properly gather myself together 😦

So yes, please please please please please DO NOT try anything like this unless you are a trained professional. The thing about superheroes and trained professionals, they always make things look easy, because that’s their job – to make the most complex tasks appear effortless and flawless. Kids, please don’t try this at home!

I still have a couple of days to perfect this, and yes, there are plenty of things that scare me about Inversion because it’s such a complex escape. A small part of me is regretting forgoing the safety line, and we don’t even have a safety net. If I should fall, nothing’s going to save me. At least with last year’s Impalement Cage: Mega Escape, I could still technically roll out of the cage even if I didn’t make it in time to unpick the shackles holding my feet together when the spikes crash down.

But this is different.

At 3 floors up, I’m all alone and very very very helpless if anything should go wrong. And unfortunately, there’s quite a bit of things that could POSSIBLY go wrong. It’s evitable when you work with people and machinery, it’s simply one of those things though you make sure it’s as professional as it gets.

But such is the nature of escapes It’s the real deal, and unlike magic or illusions – there’s just no tricks about it.

So having said all this, I still have a bit of time to make sure I’m as ready as I can be for this one-off spectacular this weekend. Please spread the word about it and come on down for the free event… I’ll see ya then!



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4 responses to “A near black-out experience during Inversion training

  1. MysteryM

    Oh no! I hope you are feeling better already. This Inversion is dangerous. Blacking out is not a good sign. I just hope it goes well this weekend. 🙂

  2. Whodunnit

    You better take care of ur health. Drink more vitamin Cs and maybe supplements. Blacking-out is not good. Not good at all. 😦 Do take care!

  3. NewToMagic

    ssccaaryy man! its so close to the event. i don’t want to think what would happen if you blacked out.

  4. Pam

    please, please……… take care. there’s only one you. eat well & sleep well k? so you’ll be at your best on sunday. *hug*

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