International Brotherhood of Magicians Ring 115 meeting

This evening saw the Concept:Magic team making a trip down to the monthly IBM Ring 115 meeting, held every 15 of the month. We’re usually booked with shows every night, but this was an exception and I was glad that I could finally make it down *grin*

If you’re interested to join the fraternity, you can check out their website at 🙂 You can come as a guest but to be a member you need to pass an induction test to prove your chops. More info in their website.

We were greeted very heartily tonight – and some of our guys performed as well. The theme this month was Comedy & kids Magic. Matt Lee, our professional close up magic guy, did a fantastically hilarious spoon bending routine which had an opener that made everyone in the function room snort and giggle.

Larry the Escape Guy was up next… he was his cheeky self, and had fun performing his wacky transparent straightjacket routine where he also magically produced a big chopper – yep, the kind a hawker would use to chop chicken – while doing his escape. Everyone was in left in stitches at his antics!

Our darling Magic Boy went up as well and did a killer routine with ropes, which had a cute kicker. I was especially proud of his performance because Ash has grown so much with us, it simply shows.

The hosts of the evening then invited J C & yours truly up to the front to make our announcements. We had three things to shout about really… the first was a special night for the club, to watch our on-going illusion show Ultimate Magic @ The Arena in Clarke Quay.

Our contemporary illusion show (no old school stuff like top hats, tailcoats or canes) have been running since last year and now that it’s entered its 3rd season with new illusions and the works, it’s time for local magicians to check it out with their friends and family 🙂 Since the starts, the Singapore Tourism Board officially branded us as a ‘live’ local attraction and a product of Singapore.

Next up, J C & I shared with them about my EXCITING escapology stunt happening this Sunday @ 6pm, Central…

INVERSION as you know, is the real deal – no tricks what so ever, what you see is what you get. And yes, there’s absolutely no safety lines or nets whatsoever, so it’s just yours truly hanging up 3 floors by her ankles.

Training (which reeeeeeeeeeally isn’t easy because I always get a horrible rush of blood to the head which makes me feel like my eyeballs aare gonna pop) for this started some months ago once STB signed us on for the Singapore River Festival. This as most of you would already know from my previous blog entry, is but a small teaser to our main event happening next Saturday @ 9pm, Central Promenade…

Now this baby is something absolutely not to be missed. The Impossible Record sees Singapore’s magic duo attempt 15 illusions in 5 minutes, a world record feat which will be officiated by the Singapore Book of Records & the International Brotherhood of Magicians. It’s also in the process of being submitted to Guinness World Record, so yes… it’s gonna be SMASHING!

Trust me, it’s going to be fast and furious because…

15 illusions in 5 minutes = 3 illusions in 1 minute = 1 illusion in 20 seconds!

To be honest though… currently, we’re facing some hiccups because we’re kinda stuck at 11 illusions at 5 minutes 😦 It’s not easy because magic is all about story telling and communications, not just doing "tricks". That’s forgiveable probably,  if you’re trying to impress some hot chick in a club, but we’ve got professional pride.

I’ve been thrilled about this for the longest time, since the Singapore Tourism Board approached us  for our participation in this major festival event. J C & I have turned down other magic gigs for this, because this is really DA BOMB! 🙂 🙂 🙂 The Impossible Record is the closing highlight on the final night of their 10-day long festival!

Both events are free, as they’re part of the Singapore River Festival, which has plenty of other things happening so it’d be a pity to miss it really. It’s going to be supremely vibrant at the Singapore River with so many exciting things happening, it’s truly THE place to be *grin*

Look out for us in the media this week – both local and  overseas! 🙂 We’re putting Singpore on the world map, baby!!!


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  1. Whodunnit

    Oh. The meeting must have been fun to watch. Any pictures of the performance or photos? I really want to see. 😛

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