Singapore’s only professional female magician & escape artist to attempt new Mega Escape!

Surprise! We’ve been extremely hard at work and busy prepping on this for months now, and are finally ready to announce this officially today 😉

Yep, you heard this first right here… come 21 June 09 (exactly one week from today,) yours truly will be performing a new MEGA ESCAPE at Central Gallery, 6pm. It’s free to the public and is basically a teaser of what’s to come for the Singapore River Festival’s closing highlight, our world record attempt of executing 15 illusions in 5 minutes, called The Impossible Record, which takes places less than a week after!

You may recall me successfully executing South East Asia’s first Mega Escape: The Impalement Cage last year when I had only 90seconds to escape death. Check out the video if you haven’t already 😉

This exciting worlds first 360 degree open escape which had me swiftly picking through locks, latches, handcuffs and chains before the metal spikes came crashing down on me, was performed at Clarke Quay before over 4000 people in the audience. It certainly was no joke, I lost 2 toenails along the way amidst gaining many cuts, bruises and scrapes… but it was all worth it.

This year, my new Mega Escape: Inversion – The Blindfolded Upside Down Escape essentially sees me suspended upside down over 3 floors, blindfolded and strapped up in my regulation straightjacket. I have to escape unscathed, all WITHOUT A SAFETY LINE.

That’s right, there’s absolutely no room for mistakes. What you see is what you get – no CGI, no camera tricks, it’s reality – not reality TV 😉 It’s just ME.

Yes, this unapologetic adrenaline junkie in me relishes this thrilling new challenge as it definitely pushes the bar on all aspects. As you probably already realize, no woman in this part of the world has been brave… or crazzzzy… enough to attempt such a dangerous escapology act. Kids, please don’t try anything like this at home – this legitimately dangerous stunt must only be performed by trained professionals.

Speaking of which. My training for Inversion (which isn’t easy because I had to overcome the inevitable dizziness and blood pressure) began way before my preps for The Impossible Record started, as you can imagine. It’s still on-going and in fact, has intensified over the last few weeks.

My diet and exercise regime has changed – to effectively prepare God’s temple for this grueling physically and mentally straining act. Small meals at various intervals during the day, complex carbs and protein shakes in the morning, vitamins and low-glycermic rice with non-processed food, specific exercises for muscle building and toning, weekly 3 day cardio regimes and Russian Twists… You get the idea. Now whoever said that I was afraid of commitment? 😉

Bossman (who’s been playing coach) and the rest of the Concept:Magic team have been really awesome. You’ll see them all on the day; everyone’s got a specific role to play & I’m glad we’re so tight and close-knit, we can all trust each other. I cannot imagine how scary it must be if there was no trust because someone’s careless or irresponsible. Heh. My life hangs by a thread of sorts.

It’s going to be really wicked, I think. Because it’s a clear 360 degree full view, you can watch from the ground floor up or witness this ‘live’ escapology stunt from the 2nd or 3rd floor of the shopping mall.

So come on down to catch this exciting one-off spectacular which will not be repeated again – click on the official poster banner above for more information or check out

FYI, Central has also arranged for an autograph signing session at their L1 venue right after the event, so you’re welcomed to bring your cameras too, for photo ops 🙂 We’ve got a very special emcee for the day… wanna guess who’s the host? *wink* You definitely know him. Er, yes, it’s a guy. But that’s the only clue you’ll get here for now!

Anyways, we’ll be updating the Inversion dedicated webpage with more updated info like some behind-the-scenes pictures and videos where we can perhaps, as we slowly creep towards THE day. Yes, the team’s been veryveryvery busy but to be honest, it doesn’t feel like work when you’re having fun.

If you’re on Facebook, do click here for our very special event page and RSVP… 

See you there!



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One response to “Singapore’s only professional female magician & escape artist to attempt new Mega Escape!

  1. Ming

    With that kind of exercising regime, I wont be surprised if you start getting a six pac. 😉 Maybe you can enter a body building competition after that? 😛

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