Why I love Matt & Larry…

It’s been a pretty chaotic & hectic work day for all of us at Concept:Magic and it seemed like an episode out of 24. It’s crazy non-stop action and reaction, and repeat. Just when one major pressing issue is cleared, something else unexpectedly explodes and you’ve got something else smoking on the sidelines. 

It’s F-ing insane really, but you’ve got to rush to put out the various bush fires with your bare hands *wry grin* For the record, I still believe in the laws of karma. If/when you intentionally fuck someone up, you’re so gonna get it back in the butt – not now, perhaps not soon, but eventually. Don’t blame it on anyone or anything else but yourself really. Payback’s a real bitch, but that’s the way our universe works… I don’t have to do anything.

But yes, right now I so need a chill pill & I’ve to remind myself that one needs more patience and understanding for ignorant fools. It’s still frustrating really, when you have to work with moronic biggots with old family money but sadly, absolutely zero logic or brains because they didn’t go to school or even bother to really be in the know.

Worse still is when these fellas aren’t just stupid, but also dishonest with low integrity/ morals because they think they’re being smart business people. Good God. I detest people who go back on their word – it’s just bad reflection on their parents having raised them so badly.


It’s almost 7pm & I’m waiting for the BFF to pick me up from the office in a bit for the one night only Chris Brubeck & Singapore Chinese Orchestra concert. I know I’ll feel much better after meeting my Little Miss Sunshine when we soak in awesome jazz music fused with the er-hu, but right now… honestly… I feel like a damn weary soldier who’d been fighting the wretched trenches in her bullet-ridden vest.

A huge saving grace? Well. I’ve got a really fantastic team who’s simply amazing despite all the unjust crap that’s been raining, no… storming… down on us. I love them really, we’re such a great team. It doesn’t feel like a company, it’s like a family.

Heh. An especially hilarious video the guys uploaded a moment ago totally made my day. Click here to see Matt & Larry with their silly antics *grin* They’re not afriad to come off as silly/lame/goofy/nutty and I really appreciate them trying to make me smile 🙂 You MUST watch it!

Pssst... that’s J C’s latest baby (360  Sawing) in the background!

PS: Popular international magic website iTricks just featured us again on their website, see the link for redirection to their write-up about our upcoming mega magic event. The Impossible Record happens at Central Promenade on 27 June 09 at 9pm, and is the closing highlight of the 10-day long Singapore River Festival. J C & I had to turn down a couple of other gigs for this big one – but trust me, this one-off spectacular world record making event is absolutely NOT to be missed. Plus, it’s FREE for the public so spread the news & tell your friends all about it 😉 Cya there!

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