Little things that mean so much :)

Training has been really busy and hectic, inevitably so, as we gear up towards the big day… The Impossible Record happens this 27 June, Sunday 9pm @ Central promenade. This world record attempt by J C & myself is in fact the closing highlight of STB’s Singapore River Festival on the last evening of the 10-day long event.

As I write this during a break in-between, I cannot help but mull about how crazy and impossible this target really is… 15 illusions performed in 5 minutes. That gives us only 1 minute for 3 illusions… which translates to but just 20 seconds for each. YIKES!!! This is not just a physical thing, it’s extremely mentally taxing as well. You need absolute focus, not just brute strength and stamina.

Besides the grueling rehearsals and training to prep us for the big performance, there’s still the million and one things to finish at the office. I roll my eyes at the sadly unenlightened folks out there who assume that we’ve got some sort of magic elves working for us out there, going for our external meetings and pitches, or that all the marcom & business side of things just happen by woofle dust *wry grin*

To be honest, I wish it were so… that I was just paid to practise, rehearse and perform but such is the reality of life 😉 Hurhurhurhurhur…

I recently had painful big blisters on my hands that burst and God, did that smart! But with every bump, scrape, sprain or cut that I inevitably get at work, it registers with me that it’s going to be all worthwhile. The truth is… Not many people understand me, and I’m definitely not an easy person to love, but I’m definitely blessed with a close knit of patient people who genuinely care about me. And thank YOU so much for that 🙂 I love you. I really do.

For the past few weeks now, I’ve been getting much emails and messages from kind & supportive people here and overseas. I truly appreciate it, because as you know, time is everyone’s greatest commodity *grin* Someone recently sent a fantastic care package to the Concept:Magic office too, and we just had a delivery of boxes of yummy donuts this afternoon. Woohoo!!! So yes, thank you (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) for everything. You rock. You really do.


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One response to “Little things that mean so much :)

  1. Ming

    Ah. Such is the power of Donuts! The ability to make angry hungry people, full and happy. 😀

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