J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning in Lianhe Zaobao today :)

Tadah… this morning’s 联合早报 (Lianhe Zaobao) Now has J C Sum & yours truly on page 4 🙂

This was all about our Esplanade gig last weekend, which had us debut our latest illusion 360 SAWING! This gigantic thing of terrifying beauty basically sees me being cut in half by giant blades, and my entire upper torso shifted to one side before being rotated underway where my head touches the floor. Really nifty stufff…

Here’s a picture of a close-up during the act given to us by the show producer for the Victorians’ Nil Sine Laborer event. The Bossman is an evil sadist – look at just how damn happy he is, and on his blog Backstage Business he even gleefully mentions so!

Training for 360 SAWING wasn’t easy and I’d say it’s one of the more complex illusions ever created 😦 I wouldn’t be wearing my favorite short dresses and mini skirts anytime soon because of all the ugly bruises I got during our intensive rehearsals. But then, it’s all worth it *grin* At the end of the day, for the professional commercial performer that I am, it’s all about the audience.

Speaking of which, the team’s been stepping up on our preps for The Impossible Record, which is our record-breaking attempt of performing 15 illusions in 5 minutes on 27 June at 9pm. Held at the Central Promenade near Clarke Quay, we’re the closing highlight of the 10-day long Singapore River Festival.

If you haven’t already seen our trailer, which is also playing on the Singapore Tourism Board‘s official website, check it out here *grin*

A couple more prominent websites have picked up on it, like Abraca Daily & Lifestyle Asia besides. Do spread the word about it; you can also join our J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning Facebook page for constant updates about this one-off spectacular. This is THE magic event not to be missed!!! 🙂 See you then…


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