J C Sum: Single & Available!

Yep, this recently came out in 联合晚报 aka Lianhe WanBao the day before as the well-read Chinese newspaper is currently running a celebrity singles column every weekend. So any eligible singles out there interested in J C Sum should know what to do 😉

Besides the typical, well, if you’re really interested, here’s a couple of reeeeeeeeeeeeally big hints if you truly wanna impress the Bossman:

1. Be a major Transformers fan like the fanatical geek collector he is. You get extra brownie points if you’re a collector of Optimus Prime, leader of the good boys, the Autobots. Drop insider lingo like “TF”, “Takara”, “Hasbro” and basicaly talk the talk on the bunch of stupid toys (the different generations and things) to really start getting the man beaming 😛

2. Love to play pool. It doesn’t interest me at all, because I can never understand or appreciate the objective of shooting balls into holes on a bilious green table but J C’s huge into the game, so much so, that there’s a pro competition pool table right smack in the middle of the Concept:Magic studio. J C owns a whole bunch of cues and the different sticks have different names. So yes, the Sagitarius man loves a good challenge and if you can give him just that, you’re solid gold!

3. Enjoy watching testosterone action on the telly and big screen. J C’s a huge action junkie and loves TV stuff like 24, NCIS, Prison Break, The Shield, etc… so if you’re like him and own the DVDs too, you guys would have a lot to talk about *wry grin* Bossman loves Hollywood films like Lethal Weapon, Die Hard, Mission Impossible… you get the idea. He’s always using these American blockbusters as analogies to us at work. Seriously.

4. Genuinely love magic. Some of you may remember that J C’s mentioned this before in a recent exclusive media interview that his other half doesn’t need to be a magic performer like him but needs to truly appreciate the art and respect it like he does. Not a tall task I suppose, I think most people love magic 😉

5. Spineless unmotivated people may not apply. J C is extremely turned off by human leeches who sponge off others and have zero drive or personal ambition. He’s way too smart and shrewd to fall prey for that. So I guess, by pure observation, Sponge Bob Squarepants would not make the cut. Hohum…

So yep, anyone who thinks they can fit the bill can drop Bossman an email or Facebook him here *grin* Hurhurhur… only good looking, intelligent, non-psychopaths may apply, J C’s very picky that way 😛


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