Kinetic Gal rocks Takashimaya Square

I initially wanted a lazy Sunday afternoon at home, just me and a couple of DVDs in my bachelor gal pad but I got bored quickly and decided to stop being such a social recluse and get some human interaction instead 😛 I’m awful that way. Since I can remember, I’ve never been the type who can sit still and do nothing.

Ade was having one of her bigger shows so I decided to head to town and support her stage alter ego, Kinetic Gal. She was booked by Takashimaya for some family entertainment on stage because they were doing a major Transformers meet-and-greet session for their little ones.

Here’s some photos from her awesome games/juggling/magic gig yesterday…

As you can evidently see, it was a big crowd but Singapore’s only magic juggler definitely did a great job entertaining the families there. Children watching were completely captivated by Kinetic Gal and I couldn’t help but smile at the little tykes’ hearty enthusiasm for everything she had up her sleeves. Hurhurhur.

Besides corporate parties and events, Kinetic Gal is available for birthday parties too. She’s a BIG hit because she’s truly something special. Check out this month’s issue of Mother & Baby magazine, they did a mention write-up of Kinetic Gal of Mighty Magic Factory in their informative article on party planning.

Click on her pretty picture below to find out more! 🙂


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One response to “Kinetic Gal rocks Takashimaya Square

  1. BeMyAngels

    wow. That is a lot of kids there at Taka. I bet the kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves as well as Kinetic Girl enjoyed performing.

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