The morning after…

It’s Sunday morning (finally!) and I’m gonna relish this lazy day by taking it easy. My work schedule up ahead is just pure madeness and just looking at what’s lined up for all of us, already makes me feel quite dizzy. For an idea, see J C’s blog Backstage Business, and  you’d realize that I’m not kidding. I wish I were. Heh.

Anyways, last evening saw the magic team at the Esplanade, after our matinee performance of Ultimate Magic @ The Arena in Clarke Quay. It was a new experience for me, and to be honest, I felt really humbled 🙂 I must say Victorians are definitely a bunch of very artsy, talented people!

J C & I started our gig right after an integrated sequence of a high-impact Wushu demonstration by some VJC students. It was the evening where we debuted 360 Sawing for the first time, and we performed it with a couple of other illusions like Crystal Appearance & Light and Space – which had me reappear back on stage with a giant Victoria Junior College signage.

Stay tuned for official photos from the Nil Sine Labore gala event soon, I’ll post them online when I get them from the show producer… but meanwhile, here’s a couple of snaps I took while the guys were doing the stage set-up in the morning 🙂

I think its really AWESOME that the Old Victorian Association recognises  magic as a performance art & we were a different highlight, which was a stark contrast to the mainly song and dance programmes lined up for the evening.

Thinking out loud, well, I’m not sure if my alma mater where I spent 10 years of my early education would embrace my onstage character as such, because quite obviously, Magic Babe isn’t exactly the very first thing Methodist Girls School would probably want as a pegged image, if you know what I mean.

Successful lawyer, check.

Award-winning doctor, check.

Sexy female magician cum escape artist, not exactly 😛

Hurhurhur… well, who knows, I’d love to be proven otherwise. Ta for now, more later!


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