What do Britney Spears & Michael jackson have in common?

The current copy of MAGIC magazine has professional magic entertainer, Ed Alonzo, with Britney Spears on its glossy cover as the main story is about the singer’s "Circus" touring concert, which showcases some really stunning illusions aptly in its theme 🙂 Click here to purchase the magazine.

Brit isn’t the only musician to use magic for ‘live’ gigs as well… as you may have already heard, Michael Jackson‘s prepping for his much hyped about come back tour and there’s gonna be some wicked illusions too! I can’t wait for that really. Growing up, I so totally loved the talented man that I’d wear socks to moon-walk around the house, wearing a red jacket while blowing baby powder off the palm of my hand like how he’d do so in his funky MTVs.

Hurhurhur. I remember Mom screaming for me to stop wasting the talcum powder as it was also making the floors slippery, and Dad always thought that his quirky first-born would become a musician one day… but I turned out to be a magician *grin* Ah, the fond memories from my childhood!

Anyways, Ed Alonzo will be the magic consultant yet again for this MJ gig, not Criss Angel or David Copperfield. He’s really THE man 😉 Don’t let his self-proclaimed ‘misfit of magic’ image throw you off… he’s a very smart man. Check out bits of Brit’s magic videos on YouTube to see  his work, and then judge for yourself.

So yes, the above question "What do Britney Spears & Michael jackson have in common?" is a trick question, because it’s not a what but a WHO 😉


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One response to “What do Britney Spears & Michael jackson have in common?

  1. Pam

    MJ is making a comeback?! :0 but it’ll be interesting to see him weave mega illusions into his performance. as it is, his stage presentations are breathtaking. can’t wait!

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