Musings after mid-week…

A writer from NakedSingapore.Com came by to watch our show earlier this week and he wrote a great review on Ultimate Magic: The Revolution which you can read on their informative website here. The reporter shared  that he enjoyed our finale Extreme Burn, as well as , Crystal Metamorphosis… amongst other illusion acts. Sweet!

Currently, the Concept:Magic team has been hard at work and busybusybusy with the preps for this Saturday evening’s gig at the Esplanade for the Nil Sine Labore gala concert. Poor J C received a very nasty bruise on his bicep from working on our new illusion which is slated to debut then. Besides a very bad case of whiplash, yours truly is getting her usual doses of cuts and bruises. But what’s new *rueful grin*

Still, our spirits are all up and I find myself laughing more these days. I really love the Concept:Magic family… we’re a fantastic team. Really, really. You’ve got the maternal and paternal, brilliantly smart but crazy, quirky and funny, as well as, the horny and corny

Hurhurhur… I find it so very important to be in a conducive working environment which fires creativity and passion, with none of those horrible political games or unproductive bullsh*t. So yes, I thank God for all the blessings given to me… you know, the seemingly simple but so very beautiful things in everyday life. *grin*

Despite what my onstage character may exude, I still think that I (meaning Ning, not Magic Babe) am really quite the simple girl who’s easily contented. Honestly, I’ve never envisioned myself as a corporate shark or shrewd businesswoman when I’m all grown up because since I was a little girl, it was all about following my heart… and quite seriously, I reckon if I’m not doing all my magic, escapes and illusions, more likely than not, I’d be working for an NGO 🙂



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4 responses to “Musings after mid-week…

  1. Thanks for the mention and the link!

  2. Aaron

    the website’s name is a bit misleading.. :p rock on!

  3. Ade

    Really really really? 😛

  4. Pam

    “follow your heart” ~ that’s what jane goodall wrote in my book too. how uncanny! i really like ur last para. it will be exciting…

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