Check out ST Life! tomorrow!

That’s right 🙂 J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning (yours truly) will be featured in tomorrow’s newspapers. Check out the Straits Times Life! tomorrow for our interview on our upcoming illusion gig at the Esplanade this weekend for the Nil Sine Labore event for all Victorians! We’re also mentioned today in My Paper.

As some of you may be aware, J C’s a true blue Victorian, who also went to Victoria Junior College so he’s proud to serve his alma mater… me, I’m a true blue MGS gal. But I’ve dated a few Victorians 😉 Hurhurhur…

Anyways, we’ve been super busy working on this special illusion segment for the grand event. You may remember us blogging previously that we’d be debuting our latest baby, the 360 SAWING illusion at the event.

Our friends Joe Augustine & Iskandar Ismail are also working with us on Nil Sine Labore. Joe will be hosting & Iskandar is directing the gala concert, which celebrates VJC’s 25th anniversary. Other local celebrities involved are award-winning poet Edwin Thumboo (who you recently saw on TV during the President’s Command Performance), theatre thespian Brandon Fernandez, local musicians Jasmine Tye & Ignatius Bong, and more.

For tickets to Nil Sine Labore this Saturday, 6 June @ 7:30pm, click here. Tickets are just S$25 and the gala  concert is open to the public. See you there 😉



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5 responses to “Check out ST Life! tomorrow!

  1. Pam

    VS and VJC must be proud to have an old boy like JC. all the best for the gig, girl! will look out for the ST life! article tomorrow. (ps. i dated a victorian too!) ;P

  2. ning

    hurhurhur… you dated a Victorian before? Another thing to our list of similarities BFF 😉 …Besides having ex-boyfriends from Raffles! *wink wink*

  3. Pam

    OMG yah! our 1st boyfriends from raffles too! uncanny! *LOL* but i only dated 1 victorian & 1 rafflesian. u i dunno lah!

  4. ning

    I’ve got a list that will list eyebrows BFF 😉 Here and overseas… hurhurhur

  5. Pam

    *LOL* i’ve had my fair share (apart from victorians & rafflesians) but i’m sure my list comes nowhere close to yours! ;P in terms of boys school, SJI still tops the list for me tho…………………

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