Magic Boutique JUNE ‘09 promotions & giveaways

The June holidays are finally here 🙂

Last month’s promotion where we gave away FREE tickets to Ultimate Magic, Singapore’s only magic attraction, was one of the biggest hits ever… and we received much excited feedback and positive comments from customers to extend this sweet treat. So the Magic Boutique team discussed and thus came up with something even BETTER this month!!!

June’s promotion sees you get a COMPLIMENTARY show ticket to watch Ultimate Magic @ The Arena in Clarke Quay, when you spend S$38 or more at Magic Boutique! Last month you had to spend ninety bucks, so this is but a wee fraction, so students don’t have to sweat!

FYI though most of you already know, Magic Boutique is 100% against piracy & for years now, have been appointed by MMS Inc as their official magic reviewer in this part of the world. We do not sell pirated bootleg copies of books, media, props, etc – or dabble in magic "rental".

Anyways, for full information on our promotion this month, click here to read the details. You should also sign up for our free Magic Boutique newsletter as it informs you FIRST-HAND on all the goodies we’ve got in-stored 😉 You can always easily discontinue this free service if you want, and don’t worry – we never spam or sell your private info.

Having said all that, please spread the word and tell your friends all about it… You really wouldn’t wanna miss this 😉 Click the banner below to lead you to the promo page.

Ta for now, more later!



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2 responses to “Magic Boutique JUNE ‘09 promotions & giveaways

  1. KennethL

    Official reviewer of Murphy’s. That is good. 😀

  2. ning

    Yep. For years now, they like working with Magic Boutique because of our strong ethics and integrity! 😉 …And also for the fact that we don’t follow the spineless majority of businesses who unfortunately PIRATE magic.

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