Behind the scenes: T3 Magazine celebrity photoshoot!

After rushing down from the STB media press con in town yesterday, we found ourselves back in The Arena at Clarke Quay just hours prior to our on-going Ultimate Magic gig which sees J C& yours truly perform 5 nights a week 🙂

T3, a popular local gadget monthly magazine, had approached us for a celebrity interview and photoshoot in a special segment of their mag.

We took a total of three pictures for their different layouts but it was a really fun shoot – and a big challenge honestly, to pick onloy three from the whole bunch because their creative team did such an awesome job! Their professional photographer is truly a creative veteran, this is evident with his play on camera angles and such *grin*

So as promised, here’s some behind-the-scenes photos from yesterday’s T3 magazine shoot!

Us clowning before the start of the shoot. I was wearing my favorite leather jacket from Spain because the air-conditiong in the club was just FREEEEEEZING!

Tossing aside my jacket, it became all serious and sexy… no more goofin’!

That’s us on one of my favorite stage illusions, Extreme Burn, which we perform every night.

Alternative angles and poses in front of our blazing LED visualization wall

Gettin into da groove… Singapore’s only professional female magician & escape artist does her thang…

Checking it all out on their beautiful MacBook… ooh you sexy, seductive piece of technology…

A personality shot of the two of us… followed by my favorite series of wacky pix!

Meowwwwwr… in case you’re wondering… yes, I so love my job 😉

June’s issue of the popular magazine will be available shortly, so do look out for it. J C & I will be featured in a couple of pages as celebrity illusionists sharing about our upcoming gigs like The Impossible Record in T3.

And speaking about that upcoming mega event, a couple of websites has actually already picked up on it after our press con just yesterday! Like, whoa!!!

Okay, this is gonna be a tad overwhelming and I’m honestly really surprised by the buzz, considering that it was just only yesterday afternoon that we shared the news! *ahem* Are you ready?


Click here to watch us in the short feature on last night’s news on television. Our mega illusion from last year was generously featured in the start of the segment, which was really nice of MediaCorp. Thank you Channel News Asia!

View Lianhe Zaobao‘s report on the Singapore River Festival ’09 with our names mentioned here. In essence, the veteran reporter for the well-read newspaper shared that 本地两名魔术师岑政聪和宁这次也将突破自己的极限,挑战在5分钟内完成15项魔幻表演。这项世界创举将被纳入新加坡纪录大全和国际魔术师协会。两人目前也已经把计划提交到健力士世界纪录,希望也能让创举记录在内。

The Great Singapore Sale folks have also put us on their festival calendar of events for things happening during the period which people shouldn’t miss. See here for their write-up 🙂 Kudos to the team.

Popular website Singapore Happenings did a full comprehensive report on our spectacular as well, complete with videos, photos, the works. Read their website here. Much appreciated, you guys *grin*

Singapore Sights, another popular web portal, wrote a couple of features on us. For full coverage, click here and here I really love what their creative team has done, and THANKS for putting us/ our event on your front page too!

Also, Ellusionist (I don’t know any self-respecting magician who doesn’t know them) has blogged about us extensively here. It’s really awesome that even though they are on the other side of the globe, the US-based team are aware of this mega magic event happening. You guys rock!!!

Popular international magic website iTricks has also reported The Impossible Record on their website here! It’s really fantastic that we’ve got their support even though these fellas who regularly update on worthy magic news, information and culture; are also miles and miles away from Sunny Singapore.

Last but not least, informative magic web portal Red Dot Magic has also published a news blurb here reporting on our mega magic event *grin* I really love these savvy homeboys, they are doing a fine job reporting the various magic events happening here in Singapore. Kudos to Vogue & Thor 😉

*PHEW* 😛

Heh. You still there? Told you it was really overwhelming. Actually, there were actually a few more features but it’s getting a bit of a blur *sheepish*

Thank you very much to wonderful friends and fans (you know who you are!!!) who highlighted all these to me yesterday – I really wouldn’t have known because I’ve been so busy 😛 I truly appreciate everything!

If there’s anything else I’ll update accordingly… but meanwhile, I’m off to rehearsals. Training and preparations actually started awhile ago but they are intensifying.

I mean, really… 15 illusions in just 5 minutes is no easy feat at all! The Singapore Book of Records, Guiness World Records & International Brotherhood of Magicians are involved in adjudicating the official event.

Anyways! Please remember to mark your diaries and calendars for the day – you reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally don’t want to miss our exciting magic event, The Impossible Record, which is the closing highlight of the 10 day long Singapore River Festival!

Before I end this blog post, I thought you may be interested in a bit of an inside story… 😉

The Singapore Tourism Board wanted us because our mega illusion last year, The Impossible Journey, was a huge success with many people giving positive feedback. WOOT! *grin* In fact, STB is also working closely with us for Ultimate Magic, our country’s only magic attraction.

I think that it’s really cool that STB’s really happy to have our unique, on-going project as an official local attraction. They were extremely supportive of us as well, when we placed Singapore on the world magic map earlier in the year with our participation in the Southern England Magic Convention event in UK.

Readers of my humble blog may recall that we were on several media here and overseas for that – Channel News Asia’s Prime Time Morning & Mediacorp’s 938LIVE for instance – covered the event because yours truly was the first professional magician in the history of Singapore to be THE headline act of a UK magic convention 🙂

Anyway, STB had scouted for other talent for this year’s Singapore River Festival ’09 but came back to us because of our proven track record. We also later discovered that a big part of them having us back as returning acts was also because of our modern, trendy brand which is in line with the hip, cosmopolitan culture of the Singapore River & present day Clarke Quay! *grin*

Feel free to join our Facebook group here for the THE IMPOSSIBLE RECORD and spread the word about it.

See y’all at THE magic event not to be missed on Sat 27 Jun @ 9PM, Central Promenade by the Singapore River!

Ta for now, more later…



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6 responses to “Behind the scenes: T3 Magazine celebrity photoshoot!

  1. BeMyAngels

    I simply LOVED The comical pictures that both of you posed for! Kawwaiii cute! Imagine they used that for the cover of the magazine. HAaa…

  2. MysteryM

    Let’s do a little count, shall we? 1.. 2.. 3, 4……. Eight!! That’s like 4 and 4 add together and you get 8! Or 2 times 4 and you get 8! 8 sites talking about the Impossible Record. 😀 And I think there are more, yet to be added to the list.

  3. KopyKat

    The pictures look nice and cute. 🙂 Time to wait to get T3 Magazine with you in them..

  4. Aaron

    wow, another magazine! you guys sure are popular! if i’m not wrong, you guys have appeared in more than 8 magazines already right?

  5. Jack

    it’s good that singapore media is supportive of our own homegrown talents. this’ll promote the arts and culture in singapore more. keep it up guys!

  6. ning

    Thanks everyone… check out the magazine when it hits stores nationwide 🙂 For a full list of our media features, check out our official website

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