STB press conference for Singapore River Festival 2009!

Check it out… that’s just but ONE of the major projects we’ve been busy with, embargoed till now 😉

Yesterday afternoon saw yours truly and my onstage partner J C Sum at The Arts House for the Singapore Tourism Board’s press conference for their Singapore River Festival 2009 happening next month! See their official website at for full details *grin*

Our spectacular act will be the closing highlight on the last night and if you watched the news on TV you’d seen the two of us during the reported segment. I’m really excited about being a part of history again… so do mark the date on your calendars/ diaries and tell everyone you know about it!

Media reports from last year shared that over 5,000 people witnessed our teleportation feat, so we expect much more to come for this ‘live’ magic event not to be missed! The Impossible Record happens at the Central Promenade by the Singapore River on Sat 27June 09 @ 9:30PM! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Here’s our official poster!

The Singapore Book of Records, as well as, the International Brotherhood of  Magicians will be there to officiate The Impossible Record – and we’re in the midst of processing it for the Guinness World Records as well! According to the officials at the Singapore Book of Records, this will be the first ever official magic record in the history of Singapore. Sweet!!!

The Singapore Tourism Board as most of you are aware, got us again after The Impossible Journey mega illusion, our successful spectacular last year at their inaugural event… so this time around sees us attempting a world’s first of 15 illusions in 5 minutes.

Dutch illusionist Hans Klok (the man works hard for his money!) did an unofficial record of 10 illusions in 5 minutes some time ago for a TV recording and man, the guy’s just awesome *grin* Readers of my humble blog would know how much I idolize this professional illusionist because this veteran has true pizzazz and showmanship!

See J C’s blog Backstage Business for more about his thoughts on it, and do join our brand new THE IMPOSSIBLE RECORD Facebook event page on it as well! Here’s some pictures from the press con, which saw J C and yours truly up on stage as event panelists.

As you can see, I was seated next to the sweet French lady (Helene from the festival’s event organiser Muse Inc, who we’ve worked with many times) who used to be with Cirque Du Soleil!


Our press con wrapped up slightly after 4pm and we had to rush off for a magazine photoshoot. Popular gadget magazine T3 will be featuring J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning (yours truly) in their celebrity interview section in their upcoming issue, so do check it out. Their June issue will hit stores real soon 😉

See my blog tomorrow for behind the scenes photos during the shoot *grin*



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7 responses to “STB press conference for Singapore River Festival 2009!

  1. Amazzo

    The trailer looks very exciting. I bet the real thing is going to be even more heart-pumping! I’m cheering you on for that day. 😀

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  3. Aaron

    ooh yes, i remember seeing the 10 illusions in 5 minutes.. it’s really quite fast and hard to complete already.. i can’t imagine how you are going to do 15 in the same time..

  4. Jack

    15 illusions in 5 minutes? that’s like super fast-forwarding la!! if i’m not wrong, ultimate magic has less than 15 illusions, and it’s slightly more than an hour!

  5. Pam

    nice! i’m sure you made an impact. will definitely spread the word…

  6. Michael


    How is my favorite Asian magic gal pal? You must be very excited about your upcoming Signapore River Festival peformance. I know that the show and you will be very successful and glamorous.

    All of my best magical wishes from the Big Apple,

    Michael from New York

  7. ning

    THANK YOU SO MUCH 🙂 I really appreciate the love and support, you guys!!!!

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