A peace vigil for Daw Aung San Suu Kyi’s freedom!

See the Facebook page here for full information! This happens exactly one week from now so please spread the word about it!

Aung San Suu Kyi is one woman who I truly respect, so please join the vigil in calling for her release. The Burmese tough cookie has been under house arrest and imprisionment for about two decades. 20 years of her life, gone like that, and she wasn’t even allowed to attend her husband’s funeral. All because of the greater good that she truly believed in and championed for. Recently a slew of events have happened to extend her on-going sentence so she can’t run for the upcoming elections, as some of you may know.

The brave freedom fighter would have been Prime Minister because of the landslide victory many years ago, if the Burmese military hadn’t played dirty by refusing true democracy for the developing country. They still hold a firm grip on governing the nation in their authoritarian power trip and unless someone from outside steps in, I doubt they’d ever let go. Some people just can’t play nice.

In all honesty, I find it really tragic that our own Government decided to officially name an orchid after Thein Sein, the current junta leader. It’s like a sharp slap in the face for human rights but that’s politics for you. You can read about Singapore’s Botanic Garden’s decision to honor the Burmese PM here. IMHO, it’d be more apt to name the flower in honor of Nobel Peace prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi instead, but that’s just me.

Though I understand the logical political approach in this, I see absolutely no justice in this move… more so in the light of the recent events that’s happened and I wonder if other Singaporeans care or are even aware of the (on-going) things that are happening or if they’re complacent frogs in their wells. SIGH. I hope the United Nations does something 😦

Anyways. I don’t know if online petitions hold any weight but there is one here, which you may like to spend a minute to fill up & pass the word around. Please do it as soon as possible though, as time’s running out. Next week’s peace vigil for Aung San Suu Kyi’s freedom happens on Sun, 31 May 09 @ 5pm at the Hong Lim Park Speaker’s Corner. Remember to wear yellow!



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2 responses to “A peace vigil for Daw Aung San Suu Kyi’s freedom!

  1. Pam

    Gosh, naming an orchid after Thein Sein! That is unbelievable. I suspect what’s underlying that is (as always) economics. Agree with you about naming it after Suu Kyi instead! 😛

    I read her book “Freedom From Fear” and you’re so right about the sacrifices she’s had to make for democracy in Myanmar. And tho the Junta silences her and hides her away, I think her voice rings out loud around the world through her silence.

  2. ning

    I hope the United Nations does something. With globalization, the whole world’s watching.

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