An Evening with Somaly Mam

I touched down at Changi Airport this afternoon and there was a slight hiccup at the airport because of my samurai sword which I use in my performances. All that was easily cleared up when we showed officials the license for it, and I had fun chatting with the airport security about our on-going illusion show Ultimate Magic as they’d recognised J C & yours truly as "celebrity illusionists" from our big gigs last year, as well as, our various television appearances.

It was workworkwork right after… I was really tired physically, but the recce meeting this afternoon was a very fruitful one. I feel really blessed to have such a fantastic aand supportive team. God is so good to me. More info on that later, but let’s just say that I’ve got something AWESOME coming up real soon. It’s a big event NOT TO BE MISSED!!!! Stay tuned for more on that…

Anyways, after washing off all the sweat and grease, I headed off to for Somaly Mam‘s talk on combating human trafficking. I’d been looking very much forward to it and the wonderful BFF had helped me to register for this well-received event which was attended by many who wished to help make a difference. There were several doctors and psychologists in the crowd, as well as, a couple of familiar faces.

Seating on the 2nd row on the right, I had a great view and I felt so humbled in her presence. Somaly is a true inspiration – this tough cookie has a big heart, and I don’t know any other woman so passionate. For years now, she’s been trying very hard to fight human traficking and very bad people have tried to destroy her and harm her family.

Tears sprung to my eyes when I heard her recount, as Somaly sat mere metres away from me, how her own daughter was kidnapped and raped after being drugged by the crooks who were angry with Somaly’s work with the girls in their prostitution rings. My heart just broke and I wondered how this wonderful woman could stil stay so strong with so much grace and kindess

It was their way of getting to her but Somaly was strong… fiercely strong. She didn’t crumble or break down because she needed to show strength to radiate hope in the face of all this corruption and evil. When she was younger, a close-friend in the same brothel had been murdered by a pimp and Somaly witnessed it. But these girls had no one to turn to. Somaly had to be THE ONE.

To be honest, itt really disgusts me how some men think having sex with young kids and virgin girls can cure them of HIV/ AIDS. It’s not just in Cambodia – this is happening all over the world, and in Singapore too.

Shaan Moledina, who sat with us, later shared how a local Singaporean interviewed about his regular Batam tyrsts had absolutely no qualms about what he was doing to be wrong – this middle aged family man was cheating on his wife and screwing young girls who should be in school, for crying out loud! All he said that he wasn’t doing anything wrong and that he’d never catch HIV or AIDS because that only happens to bad people. Oh the nerve!!!

Yes it’s true. Many girls are sold as sex slaves and spend their lives in brothels, just like how Somaly was. She doesn’t know her family or birthday. But she knows what is wrong and what is right – and what is truly worth fighting for. Aspiring female mentors should take a good look at what Somaly has done all these years to understand why the world truly respects her. She’s sacrificed so much for the greater good – and it’s not for her own ego.

Here’s some pictures I took this evening using my trusty and reliable Samsung Omnia.

A million thanks to the awesome BFF who specially got this for me yesterday. This is wonderful gift is definitely one of my most prized possessions! *grin* If you missed 938IVE’s up-close-and-personal one on one interview with Somaly Mam during their Livingroom talk show segment in the morning, fret not but click here 🙂

Do check out Somaly Mam’s books when you have the chance for a realistic insight on what’s STILL happening in this world we live in. I don’t know anyone who’s read them and didn’t love them – but be sure to have some tissue paper around because you WILL cry when you read this heroine’s true story.

How many times have you driven by a red light district and seen working girls on the streets? Not all of them are there by choice, some of them are trafficked and have been forced to do what they do since they’re little girls. So don’t judge them or look upon them with disdane, but treat them like human beings.

For more info on this wonderful human rights advocate and on how YOU can help, see the AFESIP – Acting for Women in Distressing Situations web site or the Somaly Mam Foundation.



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3 responses to “An Evening with Somaly Mam

  1. Pam

    no fair, your phone camera got better pics than my lumix! 😮 of my 3 encounters with somaly, i felt she shared the deepest at this one. i had tears spring to my eyes too… 😥

  2. Heidi

    What a moving experience, and what a terrific souvenir.

  3. ning

    Yes, it was an incredible evening 🙂 Certainly one to remember! Somaly is such an inspiring woman. Kudos to Somaly & her team!

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