Somaly Mam in Singapore!

Somaly Mam has dedicated her life to rescuing girls and young women from sex slavery in Cambodia, and you may recall me blogging about this sweet lady some time ago. She will be in Singapore today and tomorrow, which is just AWESOME 🙂

I’m currently not in Singapore as I’m overseas for a corporate stage magic gig… the wonderful client’s lodged me at the very beautiful JW Marriott and my actual performance is at a private island a little off the main island of Phuket. Lovely place indeed *grin* I fly back home tomorrow, so I’m glad I’d be able to meet my hero. Just in the nick of time!!!

You can tune in to 938LIVE on Friday morning for Somaly’s interview during their morning Livingroom segment at 10AM with DJs Stanley Leong & Pamela Ho, or come to the event that I’d be going for tomorrow evening after I touch down and finish a site recce. I hope to find time to chuck my luggage back home before that though! Heh.

Anyways! UNIFEM has very generously opened up a free session with Somaly in the evening, held at INSEAD. See for full info The event is entitled Combating Human Trafficking: Progress and Future Outlook An Evening with Somaly Mam, FYI 🙂 Yes, admission is free but you need to secure your attendence via an email RSVP.

See you there tomorrow!!!



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4 responses to “Somaly Mam in Singapore!

  1. Khai85

    are you bringing that GO sign there as well? 😛

  2. Aaron

    i thought u have ultimate magic? the client must have really paid a lot! wow, you guys are popular!

  3. Ade

    She has my highest respect.

  4. ning

    Read Somaly Mam’s “The Road of Lost Innocence” when you can – it’s a fabulous book. I don’t know anyone who’s read it who thinks otherwise 🙂 That picture of me… was a subtle psychological poke for readers to GO for the event *wink* LOL!

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