Website REVAMPED… Check it out!

TADAH!!!!! 🙂 Isn’t it more sexy and fresh? *grin*

I really love the new revamp, it’s a sweet visual change! Please let us have your comments. There’s different visuals for different pages as you can see from some of the samples above. See JCSUM.COM and judge for yourself. More SNAZZY stuff to come the next couple of days… yes, we’ve been reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally busy!

Anyways, just a couple of days ago, we were featured on popular web portal in their MAGIC section which is headed by veteran guide, Wayne Kawamoto, whho any self-respecting magician or hobbyist should know. I really love the guy, he writes and reviews great stuff. Click on the link above to read what he had to say about J C Sum & yours truly, ‘Magic Babe’ Ning.

Thanks a bunch for featuring us on the index page & your blog Wayne!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 I’m glad you like our new 360 SAWING ILLUSION, which we’d be debuting next month at the Esplanade. More on that later…

Meanwhile, if you’re interested in learning magic online, see It’s a good and reliable site with lots of information, having been around for over a decade. It’s perfect for beginners as it also teaches easy magic effects and bar bets which one can perform at a drop of a hat.



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2 responses to “Website REVAMPED… Check it out!

  1. Aaron

    the video in the website doesn’t load.. maybe it’s my com. and the site’s pretty cool! i’ve learnt a few effects from it already.

  2. NewToMagic

    i totally agree with that site being a good source to learn magic. its actually quite detailed for a website that isnt really dedicated to only magic but also other things.

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