A magical proposal…

Last evening was a very memorable night for Ultimate Magic at The Arena in Clarke Quay. Love and Magic was in the air because it was a very special moment for a happy couple. Phil, a fan, had approached us prior with his plans of  proposing to his other half sometime during our show so we devised a magical way for him to just that!

After my finale act, J C & I shared that we had a special bit annd that’s when I "grabbed a guy" who of course was Phil. The guy’s a good actor, I tell you, he had a very believeable innocent face *grin* Up on stage, the three of us did some magic with an empty box that seemed to have the uncanny ability to produce beautiful things.

While J C took out a rose which materialised magically from within, Phil retrieved a small mysterious case from the depths of the empty box. Upon our urging, he walked down and showed the audience on the floor what he’d pulled out. And then he came to a stop in front of his very surprised girlfriend.

Dramatically getting on his knees, the man popped open the lid and revealed a beautiful, sparkling engagement ring from Soo Kee jewellery She smiled her YES and that’s when our guy Matthew appeared right on cue with a huge bouquet of crimson red roses for Phil to hand to his sweet, blushing girl.

Everyone in the audience simply went "AWWWWWWWWW" at the unexpected wedding proposal because it was such a touching moment 🙂 Because of the dim lighting in the club, the photos above just don’t do them enough justice.

Once again, my heartiest congrats to the very happy couple!!!



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6 responses to “A magical proposal…

  1. Michellllee

    very touching!! that is so romantic!

  2. Pam

    it was v sweet! and it’s a story they will share over & over again, for years… isn’t it cool to be part of it? ;P

  3. Jack

    yea yea, i was there! i was surprised that the guy could do “magic”. then in the end it was a proposal.. sweet!

  4. Aaron

    how nice.. sounds so drama, yet so romantic. the guy is really very brave and creative.

  5. Nat


  6. Jenny

    aww, so sweet!! i’d marry my boyfriend straightaway if he proposed to me like that! congrats to the couple. 🙂

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