Star World’s ASIA UNCUT now on YouTube!

Check it out 🙂 If you missed J C & yours truly on cable TV last week, you can now catch us here on Episode 10 of ASIA UNCUT on Star World. The re-run of the popular talk show happened last night at 10PM, with the show originally aired last Friday night, as some of you may know *grin* Please feel free to rate and comment accordingly on YouTube – just hit the link above!

Stay tuned for official photos from the show in a bit, as a rep from the studio will be sending them to me shortly The entire Concept:Magic team has been extremely busy the past couple of days and things are just going to get crazier!!!! I swear, June is going to be an AWESOME month for all of us… Our team has some reeeeeeeeeeeally nifty profjects coming up, which I’m really thrilled about.

Keep checking this gal’s humble blog for more info – I promise, more on that real soon! Ta for now, more later…



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5 responses to “Star World’s ASIA UNCUT now on YouTube!

  1. Aaron

    i watched it! it’s really funny and entertaining! great job!

  2. Jenny

    hey that’s great! i can watch it without cable then! thanks a bunch!

  3. BeMyAngels

    I watched it on youtube 😀 Entertaining stuff as usual.

  4. Michellllee

    how was it to get a hug from the host? i think he’s kind of cute looking. 😛

  5. Jack

    it was a good show. i’d have prefered more illusions though. hope there’re more of such talkshows inviting u guys in the future!

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