Magic Babe & the Minister from Japan…

Just the other night, I had a booking for Deadly Sexy Magic, my one gal show, at the swanky Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore. It was for an important event which had a Japanese crowd, and they even specially flew down a very important Japanese Minister!

Apparently the Japanese client wanted me so much that they got their events agency to pay us a premium so we could cancel our Ultimate Magic show for Thursday evening, just so that I could be available to specially perform for them! It was an offer we couldn’t refuse so the entire gang went down to set up the logistics and staging.

We were treated very nicely and I met some very nice folks who introduced themselves to me… apparently they’d heard about me for a long time now but never had the chance to talk to me in person till now. Well, I always believe that there’s a time and moment for everything, all part of God’s mysterious plan 🙂

The staging logistics were rather challenging to be honest, in context of the arrangements and setting. But I enjoyed myself nonetheless and the client & event partners were very happy with the show. A funny thing that happened during my customised half hour performance on stage was that I’d unknowingly grabbed THE very important man of the evening… yep, the JAPANESE MINISTER!!!

Because it wasn’t a stuffy sit-down event, the charming gentleman had been standing right in front of the stage very ambiably, enjoying my magic… so that’s when yours truly decided to pull him on stage with me to do a fun yet intense mind reading & prediction effect *grin* I mean he did stand out from the crowd but I just didn’t think I’d be SO lucky… hurhurhurhurhur… know what I mean?

Anyways, here’s some photos from the evening’s stage magic performance 🙂

All that aside… So what did y’all think about last night’s Asia Uncut on Star World? *grin* If you missed J C & yours truly on the popular talk show, don’t fret… there’s still a repeat airing tomorrow at 10PM!

A very big THANKS to those who have so very kindly emailed/ called/ texted/ Facebooked me and said that the nice things they said! This gal truly appreciates all your kind comments and wonderful support, but please forgive me if I’ve yet to respond to you. I will eventually, in a matter of time 😛 We’re just really busy right now with many big projects on our plate. More info on all that to come *wink* Stay tuned for details!

PS: Inside Magic, a website with daily news updated regularly for professional magicians, wrote an article about us just a couple of days ago. Other professional celebrity illusionists featured in their informative web portal include Criss Angel, David Copperfield, Lance Burton, David Blaine, Penn & Teller and more. Click the link above now to read what they’ve got to say 😉



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3 responses to “Magic Babe & the Minister from Japan…

  1. Mackieshark

    So, what was on the Minister’s mind? Did you read his mind correctly? I notice you are wearing your new costume. Looks very cool…. almost superhero like 😛

  2. BeMyAngels

    LOL. You grabbed the minister without knowing. That must have been so cool when you realised that you picked him.

  3. Aaron

    oh wow! how many times do you get to perform to ministers? and ministers from abroad some more! it must be interesting!

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